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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 345
Do I Bottle Up My Emotions Quiz
Are you one to easily express your emotions, or do you keep them tucked deep within? Sometimes these things happen because of past experiences, and they might not be consciously or deliberately done. rnKnowing how you express your emotions can help you deal with them better. Do I bottle up my emotions? Take this ‘Do I bottle up my emotions’  quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you feel when you are around people who express a lot of emotion?

A. I feel the same emotion they feel

B. I’m not bothered about other people

C. It makes me uncomfortable

2. You are at a restaurant, and the waiter serves something different from what you ordered. What would you do?

A.  Complain to the manager and ask for what you ordered

B. Mention it to the waiter but eat it anyway

C. Don’t mention it at all

3. If someone asks how you’re feeling, how would you answer?

A. Go into detail about my feelings

B. Tell them how I feel but not into detail

C. Just say ‘great’

4. You notice your friend is upset about something and snaps at you for no reason. What would you do?

A. You let your friend know how their behavior hurt you

B. You try and find out what the problem is and offer solutions

C. You let your friend be

5. How often do you cry?

A. Every time I’m hurt

B. Only when I’m very hurt

C. Crying is for the week

6. How do you feel after watching a sad movie?

A. It makes me cry, and I think about it a lot

B. I feel a bit of sadness when watching a sad movie

C. Nothing, it’s just a movie

7. You are in the same room with your parents, and they start to fight, what do you do?

A. You start to cry and ask them to stop

B. Try to stop the fight

C. You just pretend it's not happening and continue to watch TV

8. What do you do when someone hurts you badly?

A. Confront the person about it

B. Feel sad and wish it never happened

C. Cut the person off and move on

9. Do you normally overreact on very trivial issues?

A. It’s just a small issue. It’s not that deep

B. The occasional outburst when I’m feeling overwhelmed

C. Small issues make me so upset

10. When you are unhappy, do your friends notice it easily?

A. Yes, I wear my emotions on my sleeve

B. They do, but I act like everything is fine

C. No, I try to look cheerful when I’m with others

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