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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 625 | Updated: Nov 21, 2022
Dating Quiz: How Strong Is Your Dating Game?

We all love to date new people, especially after we've broken up. It's our time to meet new and interesting people. It is normally the time we need to impress the other person. But do we really prepare ourselves for that "big" event? Are we really dating to impress? Take our Dating quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How many dates can you have per month?

A. Three

B. Two

C. Only one

D. More than five

2. What do you think makes a first date successful?

A. The way you look.

B. Your sex appeal.

C. The way you carry yourself.

D. The way you smell.

3. What is the reason why you like going on dates?

A. You like changing partners.

B. You are bored.

C. You don't know

D. Because it's trending.

4. What type of person would you rather date?

A. An Italian guy/woman.

B. A hot blonde man/woman.

C. A smart woman/man.

D. A rich guy/girl.

5. Where do you like going out on dates?

A. Restaurants.

B. Nightclubs.

C. Pubs.

D. Anywhere.

6. What do you think the conversation should be about on a first date?

A. Love.

B. Politics.

C. Sex.

D. The both of you.

7. Who should make the first move after a first date?

A. The woman.

B. The man.

C. Anyone.

D. You've no idea.

8. What's the best advice you've ever had concerning dates?

A. Don't do too much.

B. Don't wear too much makeup.

C. No sex on the first date.

D. Try opening up.

9. What is the biggest no-no on a date?

A. Getting drunk

B. Making out right away.

C. Asking for money.

D. Being on your phone all the time.

10. Do you think double dates are effective?

A. No.

B. No, they are just distracting.

C. No, because the attention can easily shift to one of the other two.

D. Yes, of course.

11. Do you discuss your past trauma or problems on the first date?

A. Yes

B. No, don’t share much

C. Only if required

D. No, I try to make a positive impression

12. Do you try to dig into the other person’s past?

A. Yes, it’s essential to know them

B. No, I don’t ask much

C. Only if required

D. No

13. How do you fill the silences during the first date?

A. I wait for them to speak

B. I let it be

C. I ask about them

D. I tell more about myself

14. What attempts do you make to keep your date comfortable?

A. I don’t do much. It’s their responsibility

B. I struggle at being comfortable myself. Then, I ask them if they are comfortable

C. I don’t push them too much in conversations beyond their comfort level

D. I pick the place they are comfortable in for the date

15. Who pays the bill after the date?

A. They do

B. Whoever brings out the wallet first

C. Depends on who is willing

D. We go dutch alway but if the other person is not too willing, I do

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