Compatibility Quiz: Are You And Your Spouse A Good Match?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 944
Compatibility Quiz: Are You And Your Spouse A Good Match?
Compatibility between spouses is vital in any marriage. If the two partners have conflicting personalities, their marriage will not necessarily fail, but they will have to work harder to get along well. This quiz will let you know how well you match up on matters of family life, finance, religion, hobbies, and aspirations. We hope you get the best result on our test! Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have the same political views?

A. We are pretty much on the same page

B. Not really, but we agree to disagree

C. We don't have much common ground

D. We get into fights because of this

2. How do you two spend your leisure time?

A. We have the same hobbies

B. We share some hobbies and also spend time separately

C. We pursue our separate hobbies

D. We argue a lot about what to do until we don't do anything

3. You consider moving to a different country. What does your partner think?

A. They are thinking about the same thing

B. They would follow me even if they were not considering migrating

C. They are not sure about what to do

D. They say it's the worst idea they've ever heard

4. Is religion a difficult topic in your relationship?

A. No, we have the same beliefs

B. We have different beliefs but respect our differences

C. We have had some clashes on the matter

D. Better not to mention it

5. Do you have a common vision for your future?

A. It is planned to the smallest details

B. Mostly yes, we just need to discuss the details

C. Not yet, and I am worried about it

D. None of us has a vision for the future

6. Be honest – how compatible with your partner do you think you are?

A. Highly compatible - I have never felt so connected to anyone

B. Not 100% compatible, but we have a strong relationship

C. Not the best match

D. Don't even ask

7. Did it ever happen to you to know what your partner was about to say?

A. Frequently

B. A few times

C. Maybe once

D. Never

8. How do you get along when it comes to family finances?

A. We make financial decisions together

B. One of us wants to live for today, the other is thinking about saving for retirement

C. We keep our finances separate

D. I try to keep a budget, but my spouse doesn't pay any attention to it

9. Who is responsible for running the household?

A. It is an equitable division of labor

B. One of us needs to do all the chores while the other just loafs around

C. I feel like I am always following orders

D. No one seems to be in charge of anything

10. Do you agree on the number of kids you want to have?

A. Absolutely

B. One of us would prefer a bigger family, but both of us want to have kids

C. Whether to start a family is a point of contention

D. We haven't discussed it

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