Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend Quiz

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 12
Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend Quiz

Christmas is a wonderful occasion to spend time with someone special, and give the perfect present to them. Seeing a smile on their face is the best part of giving these Christmas gifts. There are, however, so many directions to go in when it comes to selecting a great gift, and the process can be overwhelming at times. 

Have you started shopping for your girlfriend’s Christmas gift yet? What kind of things does she like? Take this ‘Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend’ quiz to get some ideas about what would be the most suitable gift for your main squeeze.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you and your girlfriend enjoy making memories together?

A. Absolutely

B. We both appreciate time apart

C. We sometimes do, but it doesn’t usually go well

2. Does your girlfriend appreciate the finer things that life has to offer?

A. She does have an affinity for nice things

B. She doesn’t care much about that sort of stuff

C. She does only if it has sentimental value

3. Which word best describes your girlfriend?

A. Artistic

B. Adventurous

C. Glamorous

4. Are you trying to give her a gift that is unforgettable?

A. I don’t care as long as she likes it a decent amount

B. Of course, I want to impress her

C. I haven’t really thought about it

5. What movie genre is your girlfriend’s favorite to watch?

A. Romance

B. Action

C. Documentary

6. How much money are you prepared to spend on your girlfriend for Christmas?

A. Under $100

B. Between $200-$500rn

C. Over $1000

7. What is your girlfriend’s go-to drink order?

A. A beer

B. A glass of wine

C. A martini

8. How long have you and your girlfriend been together?

A. Just a few months

B. Around one year

C. Several years

9. What does your girlfriend enjoy doing in her spare time?

A. She likes working out

B. She cleans and organizes around the house

C. She goes to the spa to relax

10. What best describes your girlfriend’s favorite colors?

A. Neutral

B. Neons

C. Anything shiny

11. Does your girlfriend have a lot of friends?

A. Yes, she is a very social person

B. A decent amount

C. Yes, a few close friends

12. Does your girlfriend wear jewelry on a daily basis ?

A. Yes, she loves jewelry

B. Yes, at times

C. Only if it has a special meaning attached to it

13. Does your girlfriend like spending money on things or experiences?

A. Thing, as she likes tangible things

B. She loves new experiences

C. She likes both things and experiences, as long as it means something

14. Have you and your girlfriend ever gone on a vacation together?

A. Yes, buy only a few times

B. Yes, we constantly go on vacations together

C. Yes, a decent amount of time

15. Would your girlfriend like a handmade gift?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Maybe

C. I don't think so

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