Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Quiz!

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3664
Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Quiz!

Are you expecting and curious about your baby's gender? Unlock ancient wisdom with the Chinese Gender Chart! Buried over 700 years ago, this chart uses the Lunar Calendar to predict your baby's gender. Dive into the mystery with our Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. Did the mother suffer from morning sickness early in the pregnancy?

A. Not really

B. Yes, a lot

C. Somewhat

2. Do you feel that you look better or worse being pregnant?

A. Better

B. Worse

C. I look the same

3. I am carrying my baby…

A. Low

B. High

C. Middle

4. Your mood swings are:

A. More chill

B. All over the place

C. Kind of balanced

5. How is the hair growth on your legs?

A. Slower

B. Faster

C. About the same

6. What kinds of foods are you craving?

A. Salty and sour

B. Sweets

C. Everything!

7. How is the baby's heartbeat so far?

A. Faster

B. Slower

C. Changes a lot

8. How is your weight gain during pregnancy?

A. Mostly in front

B. All over

C. Pretty balanced

9. How clumsy have you been?

A. Same as usual

B. More clumsy

C. Less clumsy

10. How would you describe the shape of your belly?

A. Basketball

B. Watermelon

C. A mix between a basketball and a watermelon

11. What is the color of your urine?

A. Bright yellow

B. Dull yellow

C. Orangish

12. My feet feel…

A. Colder

B. Warmer

C. Usual

13. Which direction does your pillow face?

A. North

B. South

C. West or East

14. What is the mother’s age?

A. 19-25

B. Under 18

C. 26-35

15. What is the month of conception?

A. April - June

B. January - March

C. July - December

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