Quiz - What Will I have, A Boy or A Girl?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 810
Quiz - What Will I have, A Boy or A Girl?

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you experience morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy?

A. Yes, I did

B. No didn’t not

C. It wasn’t really stable

2. Where exactly do you carry the weight of the pregnancy?

A. I feel all the extra weight out front

B. The weight lies within my hips.

C. The weight varies across my system

3. What type of foods do you crave most?

A. I crave more protein

B. I crave more vegetables

C. My cravings are dependent on my mood

4. Which of your breast feels larger?

A. I think my right feels bigger than the left

B. My left breast seems bigger than that of my right

C. Both feels heavier

5. What’s the color of your urine?

A. Bright colored yellow

B. Dull colored yellow

C. Color seems to vary

6. What’s your mood swing like?

A. My mood seems to be okay

B. I’m moodier than usual

C. My mood swings occasionally

7. How does it feel when you press on your belly?

A. It feels firm and hard

B. It’s so soft and squishy

C. Relatively okay

8. If you’ve been around young people, what did they predict it’ll be?

A. Most said it’s a boy

B. Most said it’s a girl

C. Most of them were indecisive

9. How hungry have you been?

A. Being pretty hungrier than usual

B. I’m only a little hungrier than usual

C. I’m about as hungry as I was before

10. How does pregnancy have you looking now?

A. I look better than ever

B. You don’t look quite good as usual

C. You’re pretty much okay

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