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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 29
Couple Quiz: How Is Our Relationship Going?

Have you ever wondered how you and your partner are doing as a couple? Are you still as much in love as you were at the beginning of your relationship? Take our ‘How Is Our Relationship Going?’ quiz to find out. This quiz is best solved as a couple, but you can also try it individually. It is meant to make you see how your relationship is going and do you need to make some changes. Based on the answers you give, you will see if you need to look for ways how to enrich your relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. If your partner loses their source of income, would you support them financially?

A. Of Course yes

B. For a limited time

C. I wouldn’t want to but I’ll have to

D. Why would I?

2. If your partner comes back tired and asks you to cook something for them, you would:

A. Cook something quick and tasty

B. Give them whatever option is available in the house

C. Ask them to wait for some time as I’m busy

D. Ask them to prepare it themselves

3. If your spouse asks you to do their share of chores on a given day, you would:

A. Do it for them. It’s just for a day

B. Do some bit of it

C. Be irritated and do only what is necessary

D. Just say ‘No’. It’s their share after all

4. When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to each other?

A. Yesterday only

B. A week back

C. A few months back maybe

D. Don’t remember

5. Do you attend parties and events together?

A. Yes, mostly

B. We try to

C. Only when we are needed to

D. We are never free together

6. How is the communication between you and your partner?

A. Excellent, we talk about everything

B. I can't complain, we're honest with each other most of the time

C. Could be better

D. We don't really communicate. Only if we have to

7. How do you treat finances?

A. We're equal in everything

B. He pays for most of the things

C. We're broke anyway

D. We have separate accounts

8. How is your sex life?

A. Amazing

B. It's ok

C. We do it, but I'm not satisfied

D. We don't have sex

9. Do you see each other as a couple in 10 years?

A. Of course

B. Probably but we're still learning about each other

C. Hardly, he's not marriage material

D. No way, not with this person

10. If you don't already have one, would you like to have children together?

A. Yes, very much

B. Yes if they change their attitude a bit

C. Maybe not

D. Absolutely not

11. Does your partner respects you?

A. Yes, completely

B. When he's in the mood, yes

C. Not really

D. Should he respect me?

12. Do you fight a lot?

A. Sometimes, but it's civilized

B. Yes, but we still get along

C. Not too often but when we do, we don't talk to each other for weeks

D. Every day is a war zone

13. When your partner says he'll be working late, do you believe him?

A. Sure, why wouldn't I?

B. If it's not too often, I do

C. Yes, but I call him on the phone every 15 minutes just to be sure

D. Nope. Working late is a sure sign he's cheating

14. Would you cheat on your spouse?

A. Never

B. Only with my high school crush

C. Yes, but I'll make sure he never finds out

D. Of course. Monogamy is for losers

15. Who does the work at home?

A. It's equal, we both have responsibilities

B. Almost the same, but I do more

C. Me, of course, but he helps when he feels like it

D. I do everything

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