Are You In A Codependent Relationship?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 945
 Are You In A Codependent Relationship?
Most people want to be in a relationship because being close to someone is part of our human nature. People are happy when they are in a fulfilled, balanced relationship, and are able to achieve much more in life this way, both personally and professionally. However, there are men and women who can’t stand being single and would enter any relationship just to feel safe and know they belong to someone. Read more This approach is harmful – it means being a codependent relationship. Before being happy with someone, you need to be happy about yourself. So, are you one of those dependent people? Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. You two are out and your partner needs to go to the restroom. What do you do?

A. I don't even notice

B. Let them go - it's the normal thing to do

C. Ask them if I can join

D. Go with him or her and wait at the door

2. Do you talk with your partner before making a decision?

A. No

B. Only if it's something important and relevant for both of us

C. Yes, most times

D. Yes, always

3. Do you ever go out with your friends and let your partner stay at home?

A. Yes, I think it is important to spend time separately as well

B. Yes, rarely

C. No, but I wish I did

D. No, I can't stay away from my partner

4. You get into an ugly conflict with a friend or neighbor. What do you do?

A. I handle the conflict all by myself

B. I handle it by myself but also talk about it with my partner

C. I ask for my partner to come and defend me

D. I ask my partner to solve the situation while I leave the scene

5. Your partner says he or she wants to break up with you. What is your reaction?

A. I am sad, but I respect their choice

B. I ask them to provide the reason

C. I start to cry and ask them to stay

D. I tell them I will commit suicide or something like this

6. How do you feel when you are not with your partner?

A. Completely normal

B. A bit sad

C. Anxious

D. Miserable and lost

7. How often do you text your partner?

A. Only when I need to tell them something important

B. A couple of times a day

C. Several times a day

D. At least once an hour

8. Your partner is bothered by something you have said or done. What do you do?

A. Beg them to forgive me

B. Wait until they get over it

C. Apologize and give them space

D. Insist on their reason for giving me the cold shoulder

9. You call your partner five times in a row and they don’t answer. What comes to your mind first?

A. Maybe they are busy or away from the phone

B. Maybe something is going wrong

C. Maybe they don't answer on purpose

D. Maybe he or she is cheating on me right now!

10. Have you changed your tastes and opinions just to match your partner’s?

A. I would never do that

B. Sometimes, just to make them feel good

C. Often

D. Always, otherwise he or she would think we are too different

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