Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Love Life Quiz?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 638
 Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Love Life Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. When your partner goes on a friend's night out, how do you feel?

A. Sounds fun; I’m happy for them

B. It's ok, but that shouldn’t be frequent

C. Why would they go out without me?

2. Do you feel like you actually need a partner?

A. Yes, of course

B. If it happens, it happens

C. Not really

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. In a peaceful relationship, working my dream job

B. Who knows, I'll let life decide

C. Anywhere except my present situation

4. Your partner asks you to cook something for them; what would be your answer?

A. Sure, just let me finish my current task

B. Can you say ‘please’?

C. Why can’t you make it yourself?

5. Would you cancel a planned vacation with your partner for work/career-related stuff?

A. Hardly.

B. Maybe

C. Yes, if it’s important

6. Do you spend screen-free time with your partner?

A. Yes

B. Only when needed

C. Not entirely screen-free

7. Do you share your problems with your partner?

A. Yes, always

B. Some of them

C. Not really

8. How do you feel when your partner points out anything negative about you?

A. I listen to them and think about it

B. Depends on my mood

C. I get irritated and snap back

9. What would you do if your partner looked sad?

A. I’ll be worried and would try talk to them

B. Give them some time and space to bounce back

C. Won’t mind unless there’s something big

10. Do you ever try to change your partner?

A. Not really

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

11. Do you compare your partner with others in front of them?

A. No, never

B. I do but not in front of them

C. Sometimes

12. Do you obsess over a specific idea of how your relationship should be?

A. Not really

B. Yes, but I don’t obsess over it

C. Yes, I really do

13. How seriously do you take other people’s opinions about your relationship?

A. I listen to them but go with my own judgment

B. I discuss them with my partner

C. I get worried if they say something negative

14. How often do you plan dates with your partner?

A. Every once in a while

B. Only on occasions

C. There’s no time for dates

15. Do you express your love to your partner?

A. Yes.

B. Somewhat

C. Not really

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