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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1060 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Am I Being Love Bombed Quiz
Being dazzled when you first meet someone can be fun and exciting. It seems great; however, being love bombed is a different story altogether. Being love bombed usually involves being overwhelmed with sweet words and gestures by someone in a bid to manipulate you. But how do you ascertain that you are genuinely being shown love without mistaking it for being love bombed? Take this ‘Am I Being Love Bombed Quiz’ and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your partner appear to like virtually everything you like?

A.  Yes, they like everything I like

B. Yes, they do like most things that I like

C. We have some mutual interests

2. How often does this person text or call you?

A.  They are constantly checking up on me via texts or phone calls

B. At various times during the day

C. I usually text when I get the time

3. How soon after meeting your partner were you introduced to their family?

A.  I was introduced within the first week of meeting my partner

B. A couple of months into our meeting

C. It’s been a while but I’m yet to meet any of the family members

4. How often does this person shower you with gifts?

A.  I receive gifts at least three times a week

B. I receive gifts once in a while

C. Last time I received a gift was about a month ago

5. How often does this person invade your space?

A. Very often

B. Not quite

C. They respect my space

6. How soon after meeting you did the person call you their soulmate?

A. Within the first week of meeting

B. Within the first month of meeting

C. We’ve been together for a couple of months, yet they haven’t mentioned it

7. How soon after meeting you did the person start asking you for a commitment?

A. Within the first week of meeting

B. The commitment talk has come up once

C. The commitment talk hasn’t come up yet

8. How does this person treat others?

A. rnThey treat others poorlyrn

B. They are indifferent towards others

C. They treat others well

9. How often does the person demand attention?

A. rnVery often and forcefullyrn

B. Sometimes

C. They seldom ask for attention

10. How soon after meeting them did the person start talking about marriage?

A. rnWithin the first weekrn

B. After several weeks

C. Talks about marriage haven’t come up yet

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