Overprotective Girlfriend

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 52
Overprotective Girlfriend
One of the traits of an overprotective girlfriend is, they are not always happy when you give anyone more attention than them. They will always look out for you, and sometimes, you might feel that they are breathing down your neck. Some overprotective girlfriends might be insecure when they see you with other people that can be potential threats to your relationship. When she reacts to this, it could cause conflict between you and her. Here are some questions to help you confirm if you are dating an overprotective girlfriend or not: Take this overprotective girlfriend quiz and be sure of what it is.

Questions Excerpt

1. Is she always jealous of relationships you share with other people?

A. Never, we all have other relationships we cherish

B. Yes, she complains about my relationship with other people

C. Not all the time

2. Does she stalk every one of your moves?

A. Every time!

B. On some occasions

C. Never

3. Does she keep visiting unannounced?

A. She has never done that

B. She does that to confirm if I’m sincere about my whereabouts

C. Only when she is not sure about my moves, not all the time

4. Does she suspect that you are cheating on her?

A. I’m not sure, I’m confused

B. She doesn’t nurse that impression

C. Yes, she suspects me

5. Is your partner avoiding you?

A. Yes, she keeps avoiding me these days

B. Sometimes she does

C. Not at all

6. Does she always check your phone?

A. All the time we’re together

B. Yes, but she doesn’t go through your messages

C. On some occasions

7. Does she always prevent you from hanging out with your female buddies?

A. Never

B. She is not always cool with it when it happens often

C. All the time

8. Does she always desire attention?

A. Always

B. Yes, but not all the time

C. We definitely create time for each other

9. Does she have trust issues?

A. Yes, in a way

B. Not at all

C. All the time

10. Is she always eager to hear what you say on the phone?

A. She doesn’t concern herself with my phone calls except it is important or I involve her

B. Sometimes, but I always get confused

C. Yes, because she has a feeling he’s cheating

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