Am I Still in Love With My Ex Quiz

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Am I Still in Love With My Ex Quiz
It’s hard to forget the love from the past. It takes a lot of effort and time to heal. Knowing that you and your ex spent such an amazing time together in the past, letting go can be difficult, but you must know at one point you have to let go, rather than clinging onto the memories or making an effort to bring them back. Are you still obsessing over an ex-partner? Is it possible that you’re Read more still in love with them? Love is a fickle thing. Take this Am I Still in Love with my Ex quiz to figure out where your heart is at. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. When you think about your ex:

A. Your heart flutters

B. You smile

C. You realize you don’t need them anymore

2. If your ex offered you a second chance, you would:

A. Say yes immediately

B. Consider it, but end up saying no

C. Decline instantly

3. You think about your ex:

A. Every day

B. A few times a month

C. Rarely, if ever

4. At the grocery store, you run into your ex. Do you:

A. Go up to them and start a conversation

B. Smile and wave from across the store

C. Avoid them

5. When you and your ex broke up, was it:

A. Their idea

B. A mutual split

C. Your idea

6. While you were still dating, did you:

A. Never once consider breaking up with them

B. Think about breaking up once or twice

C. Want to break up with them often

7. Someone new asks you out on a date. You:

A. Say no. You still can't think of dating someone again

B. Hesitate, but say yes eventually

C. Say yes quickly

8. If you had two tickets to Paris, would you:

A. Ask your ex to go with you

B. Think of a friend, but ask your ex

C. Take your best friend

9. You need a date for your sibling’s wedding. Do you:

A. Ask your ex

B. Consider asking your ex, but end up going with someone else

C. Ask a new partner

10. At your parents’ holiday party, your aunt keeps asking who you’re dating. You say:

A. Your ex is your current partner

B. You’re not dating anyone

C. Your attractive new friend is your partner

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