Am I Scared of Intimacy Quiz?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 12489
 Am I Scared of Intimacy Quiz?

Are you struggling with intimacy in your relationship? Do you find it difficult to trust your partner or express your emotions? Take the "Am I Scared of Intimacy?" Quiz to find out! This quiz will help you identify any barriers to intimacy and provide insight into how to improve your relationship. With questions ranging from trust issues to sexual desire, this quiz will comprehensively understand your relationship patterns. Don't let fear hold you back from a fulfilling relationship - take the quiz now and start your journey toward a deeper connection with your partner!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you find it difficult to trust your partner?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

2. Do you have moments of unexplainable anger, coldness, or indifference towards your partner?

A. Yes, it seems like a part of me is shut down

B. Rarely, but I easily come back to my normal state of mind

C. No, there is always a reason whenever I feel such emotions

3. Are you able to express your emotions and share your feelings or personal thoughts before your partner?

A. No, I get very uncomfortable and fearful, so I often keep them to myself

B. Yes, but I may feel a barrier sometimes

C. Yes, I can be completely vulnerable with them

4. Do you live in self-imposed isolation?

A. Yes, I do now, or have done it in the past

B. No, I need to be among people at least for a while

C. No, I haven’t had such periods

5. Does physical contact cause you discomfort?

A. Yes, I often struggle to feel pleasure during sexual activities and seek distance from others

B. I do not like to be touched a lot, but it’s nothing serious

C. No, I feel pretty comfortable with physical contact of any kind

6. Do you experience inhibited sexual desire or difficulty being aroused, or insatiable sex hunger?

A. Yes, I do

B. I may find it hard to get in the mood sometimes, but sex is great afterward

C. No, I do not experience any of these

7. What is your relationship history?

A. I have had too many or too few unstable relationships

B. I have not had that many relationships, but they are relatively stable

C. I have had a few long-term, stable relationships

8. Did you have trouble forming them or committing to them?

A. Yes

B. I may have been a bit distant only in the beginning, but not afterward

C. No

9. Do you fear being rejected or hurt by your partner?

A. Yes, and I find it hard to keep these thoughts off my mind

B. I sometimes think about that but do not feel that scared

C. No, these thoughts rarely come to mind and do not give me such discomfort

10. What is your attitude towards self and others?

A. I am very doubtful of my capabilities and my relationships with others and sometimes devalue myself too much

B. I am aware of my capabilities and know my self-worth; I may be a bit distrustful of others sometimes

C. I am confident with what I can do and where my relationships stand, I take good care of myself

11. Are you scared that you are not perfect?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Not always

12. Would you call yourself sexually mature?

A. Very much

B. Not really

C. I don't really know

13. Do you prefer only emotional affairs without including any physical intimacy?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Mostly

14. Do you pretend to be interested in intimacy when you are actually not?

A. Most of the time

B. Sometimes

C. Never

15. Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?

A. Yes

B. Mostly

C. No

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