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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 453 | Updated: Oct 07, 2022
 Am I Meant to Be Alone Quiz?

If the thought “am I meant to be alone?” is troubling you, then take this quiz. This quiz is curated to help you know the underpinnings of the thought. No one is either meant to be or should be alone. However, if one feels comfortable alone, that’s a choice. It will help if you remember you are not alone in this. Others are sailing in the same boat as you.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you meet people from your social circle?

A. Quite often

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

2. Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?

A. Yes, I have

B. No, I haven’t

C. I am not sure

3. How do you feel when you have no one to talk to?

A. I feel fine

B. I feel sad

C. I feel happy

4. Do you easily make friends?

A. It takes a long time

B. I can easily make friends

C. I find it hard to make friends

5. Do you help your friends every time they need you?

A. Whenever I can

B. Yes I do

C. I don’t think I help much

6. What do you do when you feel sad?

A. I talk to my people

B. I let myself be

C. I am not sure

7. Do you like having me-time on a busy day?

A. No, not always

B. Yes, always

C. Yes, most of the time

8. Do you like exercising at a gym or at home?

A. Home

B. Gym

C. Both

9. Have you ever been told by someone that you are a loner?

A. Yes, I have

B. No, I haven’t

C. Not loner but reserved

10. Do you feel suffocated in relationships?

A. All the time

B. No, I don’t

C. Sometimes

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