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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 387
Am I Madly in Love Quiz
Have you ever fallen in love? With the present relationship that you have right now, you cannot help but ask, “Am I madly in love?”rnWhen you are in love, this means that you feel deeply towards someone. You may catch yourself thinking about the person that you love at the most random times. If you want to have a confirmation of feeling in love, this may be the right quiz for you to take.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel happy when your SO calls you or sends you a message?

A. I look forward to those notifications.

B. Yes

C. Not really

2. When you see your SO  after a long time, how do you feel?

A. Really excited!

B. Nervous yet excited.

C. Normal

3. How often do you look at the person that you love when you’re together?

A. I look at the person often.

B. I try to stop myself from looking.

C. I don’t keep looking at them!

4. Have you felt this way before with other people?

A. No, it is just with them!

B. I am not sure if I feel strongly for them

C. Not really

5. Is the person always on your mind?

A. Yes, definitely.

B. I do think about the person often..

C. Whenever I see something that reminds me of this person.

6. Do you feel shy whenever you are around the person?

A. I feel really comfortable with the person.

B. There are times when I feel like I need to be a bit more reserved.

C. I barely say a thing.

7. How would you feel if you see your SO flirting with another person?

A. I will get really hurt.

B. I will get angry.

C. I don't really know how I would feel.

8. Have you ever tried to make the person jealous?

A. Yes, I have tried.

B. Yes, but just once.

C. No

9. Whenever your SO takes a look at you, how do you feel?

A. I normally feel so awesome.

B. I usually become a bit nervous but happy.

C. I feel normal.

10. Will you be able to describe your feelings for this person?

A. I cannot find the right words to say, but it’s something out of the world!

B. I think I am in love!

C. I don’t know if it is worth describing.

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