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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 2536
 Am I Desperate for a Relationship Quiz?

Have you ever been so desperate for a relationship that you feel you cannot live without being in one? Do you find yourself willing to go out with total strangers so that you can be in a relationship? It may be time to ask yourself, “Am I desperate for a relationship?”

To be desperate means to long for a person or thing you cannot have. When you are desperate for a relationship, you find yourself doing things without thinking about the consequences of your actions. Being desperate for relationships can be very dangerous, as you might end up settling for someone you would have never chosen if you were not desperate. How exactly do you know if you are desperate for a relationship? It would help if you tried taking this 'Am I Desperate for a Relationship' quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Will you go on a date with someone that hurt you?

A. I do not mind

B. I might have to think about it before agreeing

C. Never

2. Can you pay someone to be in a relationship with you?

A. I can always give it a try

B. Yes, certainly

C. I would never do that.

3. How often do you find yourself daydreaming about being in a relationship?

A. Rarely or never. I'm content with my current life

B. Occasionally, but it doesn't consume my thoughts

C. Frequently, I often daydream about being in a relationship

4. What is your approach when you meet someone you're interested in?

A. I take my time getting to know them and let the relationship develop naturally

B. I try to impress them and show my best side to win them over

C. I become overly eager and push for a relationship right away

5. How do you handle rejection from someone you like?

A. I understand that not everyone will be interested and move on gracefully

B. It hurts, but I can cope with it and learn from the experience

C. Rejection devastates me, and I feel desperate to find someone else quickly

6. Are you willing to compromise your values or interests to be in a relationship?

A. No, I believe it's essential to stay true to myself

B. I might consider some compromises, but only if they are not against my core values

C. Yes, I'm willing to change who I am to make the relationship work

7. How often do you find yourself seeking validation from others regarding your relationship status?

A. Rarely, I'm confident in my choices and don't seek validation from others

B. Sometimes, I might discuss it with close friends or family

C. Frequently, I constantly seek reassurance and validation from others about my relationship status

8. How do you feel when you are not in a relationship?

A. I feel empty

B. I feel lonely sometimes

C. I am still fine

9. Have you ever flooded a person with calls and gifts just after the first date?

A. Yes, I do this a lot

B. I do this occasionally

C. I have never tried this

10. Will you give strangers your number?

A. I do this often

B. Yes, without any hesitation

C. No

11. Have you ever changed your personality to be liked?

A. I do this a lot

B. I do this sometimes

C. I don’t think I can do this

12. How many times a week do you try to meet new people?

A. Every day of the week

B. Two days in a week

C. I hardly go out

13. Are you ready to give up your social life and career for a relationship?

A. Yes

B. I am not sure

C. I can't

14. Do you stalk the person you would like to be in a relationship with on social media?

A. Yes, I do

B. I check out their page sometimes

C. I have no idea what their username might be

15. How far would you go to ensure you are in a relationship?

A. I often have my limits on how far I would go

B. I would do anything at all

C. I don’t do anything

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