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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6640 | Updated: Mar 30, 2023
 Am I Demiromantic Quiz?

You could be demiromantic and asexual or demisexual. A person can also be both demiromantic and demisexual. As a result, it is critical to determine where you truly belong to make things easier for yourself. For some people, getting involved in a relationship and feeling attracted is easy and feels like a cakewalk; for others, it may take years to feel that way. Take this simple quiz to determine your path in love and romance.

Questions Excerpt

1. How good you are at forming emotional attachment?

A. Not very good

B. Decently good

C. Very good

2. How frequent you are with hook ups?

A. Quite frequent

B. Just a few

C. I don’t believe in hook ups

3. How important is physical intimacy in a relationship as per you?

A. Not very important

B. Decently important

C. Very important

4. A long do you wait before getting romantically involved with a person?

A. A year maybe

B. A few months

C. A few weeks

5. What is your ideal relationship?

A. One with a lot of romance

B. One that makes me happy and content

C. One with lot of sex and intimacy

6. A close friend admits to having feelings for you. They are a gender to which you are attracted. What are your thoughts on it?

A. I'd like to have a sexual relationship

B. Something romantic would appeal to me

C. I'd like to spend more time before considering a romantic/sexual relationship

7. How many romantic crushes have you had in your life?

A. A lot

B. A few, after I got to know the people well

C. A few who pique my romantic interest after certain time

8. You see someone attractive. What goes through your mind?

A. Would like to get romantically involved

B. Would like to know more about them

C. Would like to make out with them

9. Do you know any demisexual people?

A. Yes, and we share our views on it

B. Not that I know off

C. No

10. Who do you see yourself spending your future with?

A. Someone with whom I initially had a strong emotional connection and sexual tension, but with whom I later fall in love

B. I can't imagine having a romantic partner, only a long-term sexual relationship

C. The love of my life - most likely someone I met first as a friend

11. What are your thoughts on celebrity relationships?

A. They're strange and mostly made up

B. I have no opinion about them

C. I adore them

12. Answer without thinking, which color is the best out of the options below?

A. White

B. Orange

C. Red

13. What are your thoughts on online dating?

A. It’s very useful

B. A good way to meet and date people

C. I don't have much experience with it, so not sure

14. What is the most crucial aspect of a relationship?

A. Intimacy

B. Building a better future together

C. Respect and romance

15. In the summer, you travel to another country for a few months. You meet someone your age and type and spend nearly every day with them. It's the last day, and you realize you have feelings for them somewhere along the way. How would you feel at the end of your vacation?

A. I'm sad to be leaving, but I'm happy because I've started dating and will be traveling long distances

B. I'm sad to be leaving, but I'm also happy after realizing I have feelings for them

C. Sad to be leaving, but I'm also happy because I spent the summer with a hot person and had a lot of sex with them

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