Quiz: Am I Panromantic?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 595
Quiz: Am I Panromantic?

Many people are often confused about their romantic orientation and where they belong on the ideological spectrum. ‘ Am I panromantic quiz ‘ is designed to help you determine your romantic preference.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would you rather have?

A. Marrying the person I love of the same gender

B. Walking the aisle with the lover of my life regardless of who it is

C. Having a family with my love of the opposite sex

2. What orientation feels best to you?

A. The same sex because we understand each other instinctively

B. I’m attracted to anyone that I could connect with on a deep personal level

C. The opposite sex cuts it for me. It’s fun and exciting that way

3. What’s your dating history?

A. It comprises of people of the same sex

B. Anyone I’ve gotten to know well

C. Persons of the opposite sex

4. If the opposite gender approaches and asks you out, would you go out with them?

A. Nope, I won’t

B. Opposite gender or not, I’d still date you

C. Yes, gladly

5. Who could you see yourself with in the future?

A. The same sex as I am

B. Both males and females are good for me

C. The opposite sex that I am

6. If a person of the same gender approaches and asks you out, would you go out with them?

A. Yes I’ll gladly do that

B. Yes but I’ll do the same with the opposite sex too

C. No, I’ll decline

7. Who did you have a crush on in school?

A. The same gender

B. Anyone I find myself compatible with

C. The opposite gender

8. Would you continue dating a person even after finding out they’re transgender?

A. Depends if their change aligns with my gender

B. I wouldn’t mind at all

C. I wouldn’t be interested for certain reasons

9. Would you kiss a person of the opposite gender?

A. I wouldn’t be very interested

B. Of course it doesn’t matter to me

C. I would certainly do that

10. Would you kiss a person of the same gender?

A. Definitely doing that

B. Yes I would definitely as it wouldn’t matter

C. Certainly yes

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