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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 264
 Am I Dating a Narcissist Quiz?

A narcissist is someone who frequently displays feelings of entitlement. This is someone who may feel that the world revolves around them. It is rare that a narcissist will consider another person’s feelings. Do you often wonder, “Am I dating a narcissist?”rnNow is your chance to know if you indeed are. Take this quiz to know if you are dating a narcissist or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does the person you are dating get offended when you say any constructive criticism?

A. Yes, always.

B. It depends on the the context

C. Not really.

2. Does the person you are dating normally show disinterest in anything that is not related to them?

A. Yes, they usually change the topic or behave as if they don’t care.

B. Not always, but sometimes yes!

C. Not at all.

3. Does the person show disregard for what you have always said?

A. Yes, the topic always has to be about the person that I am dating.

B. It would depend on the circumstance.

C. Not at all. But, yes, if they have a different opinion, they will politely yet assertively stand �by what they opine.

4. There is no insight into what other people’s motives are:

A. The person has a high belief that it will always be about them.

B. The person may sometimes feel suspicious of other people and their motives.

C. No, I don’t feel that way about the person.

5. Is there always an excuse for the mistakes they have made?

A. Yes, they can’t ever accept that they are wrong.

B. Sometimes, they accept that they are wrong. But, it takes them long to accept it.

C. No, they are very receptive.

6. The person does not believe in the concept of “team-building.”

A. So true !

B. This is true upto some extent.

C. No, this isn’t the case.

7. Do they have  high expectations from you even if they do not give you anything?

A. Yes, always!

B. It happens sometimes.

C. Rarely/ Not at all.

8. If given a topic, the person would

A. They will only Talk about themselves.

B. They will talk about themselves, but then move to other topics as well.

C. Have a good balance of available topics.

9. How much attention does the person need from you?

A. A lot of attention, all the time!

B. They need attention, but not all the time.

C. They are not attention seeking. They just want both of us to be equal in the relationship.

10. Do they care about your ambitions and dreams?

A. Absolutely!

B. To a certain extent.

C. Not at all

11. Do they love to win every argument?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes to prove his point

C. No necessarily

12. Do they take responsibility for their negative actions?

A. Yes

B. Most of the time

C. No, they blame it on others

13. Do they respect boundaries and values?

A. No, they think, they are above them

B. Mostly yes but occasionally they break them

C. Yes, they always do

14. Do you think they are always manipulating people around them?

A. Yes

B. Occasionally

C. No

15. What does your partner think of themselves?

A. Extraordinary

B. Somewhat special

C. Ordinary

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