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  • Preventing the Oops Moments That Might Spoil Your Big Day

    Preventing the Oops Moments That Might Spoil Your Big Day!

    Preventing the Oops Moments That Might Spoil Your Big Day

    Most women dream of their wedding day. From childhood, a girl often has a vision for what she would like her wedding to be. No matter how much a bride and groom plan for the big day, there is no way to be prepared for all of the hiccups that can take place. Take the following ideas, for example.

    1. Be careful with themes – your guests will not be forgiving!

    Planning a wedding can be exciting and fun, and it is chance for you to display your creative interests. But be mindful of choosing themes that might come across as bolder than you intend. Wedding themes are a difficult thing to navigate; use too little of the theme, and your wedding can seem plain and bland. But used too much of it, and your wedding can seem over the top and moderately cheesy. It is important to find that balance between bland and bold. The last thing you want is your guests looking back on your wedding as the one that had misplaced miniature horses, rainbow colored bridesmaids dresses, or desserts in the shapes of playing cards and casino dice!

    2. Use a fan to keep cool, even if it is January!

    You are going to sweat, no matter what the temperature is outside. It could be a blizzard in the middle of December, and you’ll likely struggle to keep cool. Be prepared and use a fan to avoid those nasty sweat stains! For both the bride and the groom, looking the best for your big day is of utmost importance. Additionally, keeping your bridesmaids and groomsmen in tip top shape will not only be visually appealing and pleasantly scented, but will also encourage the best moods from everyone!

    3. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, beware

    Always have a backup plan! Outdoor weddings come with a variety of hazards. The most obvious of these is weather, because rain or storms or just hot, humid weather all can wreak major disaster on your big day. Other hazards you might experience in an outdoor wedding include animals (not including those fur babies you have as part of your wedding party), insects, and an unpredictable venue disaster (like flooding or downed trees).

    4. Whatever you do, do not lock your knees

    Whatever you do, do not lock your knees or instead of congrats, your guests may be yelling, “Timber!”

    Whether or not you have heard this age old saying, there is legitimate reasoning behind the suggestion to not locyour knees when standing for your ceremony. Because of how the body physiologically functions to oxygenate the brain, locking your knees can prevent blood flow from taking place. Less blood flow, equals less oxygen to the brain, which can in turn equal dizziness or fainting. So rather than risk your guests saying “Timber!” instead of “Congratulations!”, take into consideration the old saying, and simply avoid anything that might increase your chances of passing out.

    5. Watch your step, especially on the dance floor

    No, this does not mean watch for other feet that may step on yours. Rather, it is your own feet you should be paying attention to! Many a bride or groom has fallen flat on the dance floor. New shoes and a slick floor do not blend well! One easy tip to follow is the use of rubber no slip grips or a general scuffing of your bridal shoes.  This helps to ensure that you will maintain your footing throughout the night, and give you the chance to show off those killer dance moves!

    6. Recipe for disaster – curing the day-after hangover

    More than likely you will have alcohol at your wedding. If you don’t, then you may not have to worry about this particular oops moment. But if you are one of the many who do, take into consideration how much alcohol you typically are able to consume and maintain a manageable level of alcohol intake. Because of the celebration and tendency to drink more than you originally planned, be prepared with a backup plan for the morning-after hangover. Drink plenty of water, eat a well portioned meal, and be sure to have some sort of pain killer ready upon waking. Eat a healthy breakfast the next morning, especially if you are not feeling quite up to par. Spend the next day hydrating and enjoying your newly wedded bliss!


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