Make Your Wife Feel Special This Mother’s Day

Make your wife feel special this mother’s day

With Mother’s Day round the corner, it’s your turn to do something in honor of your beloved wife to make her feel special. It becomes even more important when it comes to your relationship with your kids as they are watching you how you treat their mother.


Make sure that you don’t limit appreciating her for what she does for you and your family. But show your thankfulness to her as a wife.


Here are few ideas to make your wife feel even more special this Mother’s day.


1.Surprise her

It is not necessary that surprises have to be expensive; they can be budget friendly too. Do something for her that she is not expecting. If your wife is working, send her flowers or a love note to her office. Tell her how much you love her and how well she takes care of your children. Praise her for all the hard work and her intelligence.


Surprise her by doing the laundry or by helping her in doing the dishes. The best way to lighten her up is by sharing the house load with her.


2. Indulge her

This Mother’s Day so something thoughtful for her. Serve her choice of breakfast in the bed. Let her know that she can enjoy her breakfast as long as she wants.


For the evening, take her out for dancing or for sipping cocktails. Enjoying a few carefree hours together is a great opportunity to get romantic with your wife.


3. Give her the gift of your time

Give her a break or a day off from her responsibilities. Sometimes the best gift is a no gift at all. Do some acts of service for her, go shopping with her, hire a housekeeper who can clean the house and a babysitter who can look after your kids.


Tell her that she has this time for herself and that you can manage the house and all the meals.


4. Involve the kids

Plan a surprise with your kids! And why not, she is a mother after all. Plan with your kids what your wife enjoys the most. Nothing can make your wife more happy than seeing a sweet video from her loved ones. Interview your kids on what they love most about their mother and piece them together in the form of a video.


Along with the kids bring together the whole family to present their gifts and blessings for your wife and share some of their memories with her too.


5. Give her a massage

Gift your wife a voucher to her favorite spa. Or give her a massage yourself. Rubbing her shoulders and back is an intimate expression of your love. Tell her how special she is for your life and the whole family. Play soothing music in the background and pamper her with a day full of luxuries.


Make sure your wife feels like a queen this Mother’s Day. Let her know that she is a great wife and mother as well.

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