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10 Ways to Renew Your Marriage in 2016

10 ways to renew your marriage in 2016

The New Year represents a fresh start for couples. Leave your problems in 2015 and renew your marriage. Get close again, find the love again, be more caring, understanding and embrace passion. Want to know how? There are ten ways to do it below.


1. Do an annual checkup

An annual checkup can prevent small problems from becoming unresolvable.  To perform an annual checkup, review the marriage together by identifying what works, what doesn’t and fix what isn’t working. Laying everything out on the table is the first step to a renewal and gives couples the opportunity to seek help if needed.


2. Edit your household

Home is supposed to be a place of calm; the place you want to be. To achieve that calm and make your home an oasis, take any necessary measures needed to remove stress. This may include spending more time together, having a series of difficult conversations to reach a resolution and/or making some sacrifices to achieve a greater level of happiness. 2016 is the year to overcome issues, evolve and renew that healthy, happy marriage you once had.

3. Be more present

Sometimes all a marriage needs is time. In addition to time, make that time count. Love requires both quantity and quality.

4. Intertwine once again

A marriage is called a union for a reason. After the wedding, spouses are certainly intertwined but over time that unravels. To renew, you have to intertwine again. Do that by getting more involved in each other’s lives. Of course you’re involved since you live together but focus more on things outside of the household that matter to your significant other. Showing that you care translates to love.

5. Be the encourager

Support promotes a healthy relationship. Take a few extra moments from your day to offer your love some encouraging words and just have his/her back. Encouragement and support do wonders.

6. Appeal to the senses

To give your marriage a boost, put extra effort into appealing to your partner’s senses. Look good for him/her, wear your spouse’s favorite cologne or perfume, use tender touch more often and keep your voice calm. All will increase your attractiveness which will get his/her attention. What you do with that attention is up to you.

7. Start caring about your sex life

All you have to remember is make time for it, enjoy it and don’t be afraid to try new things.

8. Use the ‘L’ word often

Renewing a marriage is about the love so tell your spouse you love him/her more often. Hearing, “I love you” matters.

9. Fix that attitude

Let’s be honest, we all have attitude when frustrated or annoyed but negativity is something we can all have less of.  Work on the way you communicate by facing frustrations with an even temperament. It takes practice but you can do it.

10. Hug it out

Rather than ending conflicts on a negative note, hug it out. Have your disagreement, talk about it as you both calm down and then hug each other at the end. Affection following a conflict says, “I love you even when we don’t get along” and helps prevent resentment.

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