6 Best Tips on How to Keep Him Wanting More of You

6 Best Tips on How to Keep Him Wanting More of You

There is no better feeling than being the center of your partner’s universe! Knowing that your partner can’t get enough of you can definitely make any girl’s heart flutter.

At the beginning of a relationship, making yourself seem irresistible to your partner is a piece of cake. But, with time, when there is no longer any mystery in the relationship keeping your partner wanting more of you becomes a challenge. Mysticism gets replaced with familiarity, excitement gets replaced with comfort. While this is not the worst thing that could happen in a relationship, it does kill the thrill.

So, how do you prevent familiarity from breeding contempt and complacency in your relationship? What do you do to make sure that your partner still wants you?

Here are some tips to make your husband want more of you:

1. Keep on working on your appearance

Keep on working on your appearance

This is one of the easiest things that a woman can do to keep her partner interested in her. But appearance and self-care is the first thing that takes the backseat when other obligations and responsibilities increase in a relationship.

Make sure no matter what happens you invest at least a few minutes a  day to maintain your skin and body. Maintaining yourself is the key to keeping your partner interested in you.

2. Keep your husband on his toes- Make him jealous

The sense of security and comfort are the best parts of being in a long-term relationship. However, time and again making your partner feel the pangs of jealousy can add the much-needed spice to your relationship.

There is nothing that can make your husband more jealous than when you tell him how you admire certain traits of his friends and contemporaries. You can also get caught checking out other men (deliberately!), this can also make him feel the burn.

However, be cautious, don’t go overboard with these antics. This is can backfire if you take it too far.

3. Have a life outside your marriage

Your marriage may be the most important relationship of your life, but it doesn’t solely define who you are. Men generally find those women the most attractive who follow their passions and dreams and keep their sense of individuality alive.

To keep your husband attracted to you, stay the way you were when he first met you. Keep living the way you lived before you met him, a strong independent woman is more attractive than a subservient woman, hopelessly in need of love.

4. Be open to experimenting with your sexual regime

Be open to experimenting with your sexual regime

Hot and heavy sex sessions are common at the beginning of a relationship. But, with time, when the initial excitement fades, the stamina of both the partners’ decreases, the youth and attractiveness diminish and it is hard to keep the sex as thrilling as before.

To keep your husband wanting more of you, you can come up with ideas to change your sexual regime a bit. Try to be open with experimentation. Discuss with your partner your desires and fantasies and try to implement them to break the monotony in your sex life.

Your enthusiasm in revamping your sex life will soar the sex quotient in your marriage and make you seem more attractive to your partner.

5. Boost his ego

Men, unlike women, are very easy to decode. The more powerful you make them feel, the more they get attracted to you. Time and again give them compliments, make them feel special, stroke their ego. This gives them a rush and they will keep coming back to you experience the rush.

However, make sure you mean whatever you say to them. Empty and fake compliments will not make them feel good about themselves, not for long.

6. Have fun together

Being a smooth talker and a sex goddess is also not enough to keep your man wanting more of you. You also have to have fun together! While relationships do require hard work but there are fun bits to it as well.

Pick an activity that you both like, it could be an adventure sport, it could be going to the movies, it could be going on hikes, anything that you like. Spending fun time together is going to make your partner want to spend more time with you.

Follow this roadmap and you will find that your partner is hopelessly attracted to you. While keeping the romance alive in a relationship does require efforts, this is not something very difficult to achieve. Simple and small steps every day will keep your partner wanting more of you.

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