After- Breakup Thoughts to Help You Move On

After- Breakup Thoughts to Help You Move OnA breakup can be a very devastating decision.

Most people may emerge from it normally, however, the end of a romantic relationship can lead to weak immune function, intrusive thoughts, and insomnia. While in the midst of a breakup, even the most hardworking and motivated people have a difficult time getting over with it and on with their lives.

Now during the breakup, you may have been depressed and even slightly suicidal thoughts; especially if you were overly attached to the person. However, once these breakup thoughts are no longer bothering you, you need to switch onto some healthier thoughts that will help you move on.

If you are going through a breakup and need to pick yourself up then you must remind yourself again and again of the following thoughts:

1. I love myselfSelf-love is extremely important

This is no doubt very cheesy and cliché but trusts us, this works.

Self-love is extremely important because at the end of the day no matter who comes into your life if you love yourself, then nobody can bring you down.

You are accountable for your own decisions and actions and the outcome of these actions.

If you love yourself, you will be in complete control of your feelings and will definitely not pay heed to some idiot who broke up with you over a text message.

2. I want to be happy

Now, this may seem like another stupid thought and a dumb question like who doesn’t want to be happy? But the problem today is that many people going through a breakup do not want to be happy. They let small things frustrate them and roam around with a very short temper.

They get mad at trivial matters because they forget to be happy.

Or they don’t want to be happy anymore. So reminding yourself about being happy and even trying to fake smile can provide you with the inner satisfaction that you need. Being happy can help you move on in a healthier way.

3. Calling them names

Now we are not in favor of cursing at all, but sometimes making use of a bad language can be good for you.

Swearing at your partner for breaking up with you and calling them all kinds of names can bring you satisfaction like no other. You can whisper it, think it or scream it but letting it all out will help in soothing the pain.

4. I always hated their hair/voice/body

Remember the most annoying thing about your significant other that always bothered you, but you never admitted it to yourself since you were in love with him.

Well since you are no longer together, it is time to spill the dirt. Put down your love goggles and ask yourself what really attracted you to him. Even if there is something as tiny as his toenail that annoyed you, embrace it. This will help in making you realize that your ex-was not as perfect as you think he was.

This flaw will help in making you move on.

5. I will find someone betterI will find someone better

Now, these words may be very difficult for you to say especially if you were of the belief that your ex is your soulmate. Trust me, everyone’s been there, and this phrase can be the most difficult thing to say and also the most important.

Remind yourself of the fact that yes, you will meet someone better, this is inevitable. In four months or even a year from now on, you will look over your shoulder and find a better person waiting for you. This person will be kind and loving and more mature.

They will be the exact opposite of your ex, and you won’t even remember your past anymore. So it is important that you remind yourself of what you deserve.

You remind yourself of what the future holds and remember that you are worthy of more so don’t ever settle for anything less.

This thought is very important when moving on from a breakup.

To get over a heartbreak, you must change the way you think. This does not mean that how you think is wrong, it simply means that you must distract yourself in a way that your ex-does not occupy your thoughts.

Thinking about the things mentioned in this article are bound to make you happy and move on in a healthier way. Make sure that you remind yourself from time to time that you deserve all the happiness in the world and soon you will move on from this difficult time of your life.