Make Your Own Reasons Why I Love You List for Your Husband

Make Your Own Reasons Why I Love You List for Your Husband

A “ Reasons Why I Love You” list can be made on many occasions.

Be it the beginning of a relationship, a wedding day, an anniversary, or a renewal of the wedding vows. But, you don’t really need such a momentous date to make your own list.

Instead, you should sit down and make one right now. Because there’s no better time to show your love for your spouse than right now. Here are some general categories in which you might be searching for the inspiration for your 100-reason list.  

His character

You should definitely make this section your primary focus.

Women tend to love men often for how they see them, how they treat them, and how much they love them. But, the true love for a man puts his characteristics first, so make them a priority on your list.

Go over all the things that made you first fell in love with your husband. Then think of all the things you came to know over the years.

As an example, you could put how amazingly intelligent he is on your list. Or, the fact that he has a way of maintaining his zest for something until the task is done. You could also think of his kindness and fairness.

Think of all the ways in which he shows his strength and moral superiority while staying gentle and caring.

How he treats you

Another aspect of marriage and love relationships, in general, is how well a man treats his woman. Although you might already be accustomed to the ways in which your husband cares for you, this list is a great way to show appreciation for his love.

And to remember how precious his kindness is because we too often take for granted someone ’s genuine effort to make our life beautiful.

Does he support you in your ambitions? Do you have nothing but support from him even for your craziest hobby projects? Is he attentive to your needs? Remember all the small and big gestures he made for you.

Does he speak patiently to you when you’re having your meltdown over burned pizza? List all of these things so that he knows you’re paying attention to how well he treats you.

What you went through together

Nothing brings us closer together than going through life’s hardships together, hand in hand

Nothing brings us closer together than going through life’s hardships together, hand in hand.

Although the bare reality of all life stressors and traumas is not so romantic, having your husband around when it was tough, and having him stay there for you and your family, is an important thing that should be on your list.

Tell him how much you appreciate his support in good times and the bad. Be specific, and list all the things your marriage survived. Some people decide to make this list after a very hard period of their marriage.

Even if he, for example, he betrayed your trust by being unfaithful, the fact that your relationship got through is something to be put on the 100-reasons list.

Your shared plans

In marriage, we love more than just our partner. We love everything that we do together. We love our future, even if we still didn’t live it. It’s the fact that we can feel so safe and loved by someone to plan our future together with them that makes a marriage a happy one. So, make sure to let your husband know that.

You can list your upcoming vacations, the tomorrow’s theatre show, your date night or, you can also touch upon your greater plans for your future together, were you planning on buying a house, starting a business together, sending your kids to college?

And, finally, be more intimate than that, and speak of your plans to spend your last days in loving care for each other, describe it and say how much you love him for that.


Finally, each marriage has a very specific and unique set of things that bond the spouses together. Make sure to include those reasons in your list. It will make it that much more intimate and show your husband that you truly did put in the effort to show him your love.

It will also allow him to understand your affection better, as you will be listing very personal things for him.

For example, it may be the way he smiles. Or, the fact that he took your brother to pick a new apartment close by last summer. Or, you might adore the way he picks pet names for you or your children. Does he act silly in the most endearing way? Put all of these on your list. It will be the best present ever for him, rest assured.