Why Him, Why Her Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 62 | Updated: Mar 22, 2022
 Why Him, Why Her Quiz?
This is Dr Helen Fisher's Why Him? Why Her? book tries to understand the type of partner you would prefer based on your personality traits. It's very scientific and will definitely help you figure out who you are! Read each question in this ‘Why Him, Why Her’ quiz and answer which option best describes your opinion and choices. Try to be as honest as possible about who you are, not who you want to be. So, let's get started!

Questions Excerpt

1. Choose the one selection which describes you most:

A. Unpredictable situations excite me

B. Consistent routines, in my opinion, keep life orderly and relaxing

C. I have a good understanding of complex things

D. I enjoy learning about my friends' deepest needs and feelings

2. Choose one option based on your relationship habits:

A. I act on the spur of the moment

B. Before making a decision, I carefully consider and reconsider each option

C. I enjoy competitive discussions

D. In my relationships, I place a high value on deep emotional intimacy

3. Which option appeals to you the most?

A. I get bored when I have to do the same things over and over again

B. People should follow established standards of proper behavior

C. I am fascinated by the rules and patterns that govern systems

D. When making important decisions, I generally listen to my heart rather than what is logical

4. Choose the option that best describes you:

A. I have a diverse set of interests

B. I like to plan ahead of time

C. I am more analytical and logical than the majority of people

D. I frequently find myself daydreaming

5. Which of the following options appeals to you the most?

A. I believe in myself more than most people do

B. In general, I believe that following rules is critical

C. I thoroughly and regularly research intellectual topics

D. I can change my mind easily

6. Which of the following options most appeals to you?

A. I am more imaginative than most people

B. Taking care of my possessions is a top priority for me

C. I can solve problems without allowing emotion to get in the way

D. Several hours after watching an emotional film, I am frequently moved by it

7. Which of the following is the best answer for you?

A. If I have to stay at home for an extended period of time, I become agitated

B. It is critical to respect authority

C. When I buy a new piece of technology, I want to be aware of all of its specifications

D. I have a very active imagination

8. Choose the option that best describes you:

A. I am more animated than most people

B. I am cautious but not fearful

C. Debating allows me to pit my wits against those of others

D. During the day, I frequently find myself lost in my thoughts

9. Choose the one selection which describes you most:

A. It takes me a few seconds to return to reality after waking up from a vivid dream

B. I prefer to avoid nuances and say exactly what I mean

C. I'd rather have loyal friends than interesting ones

D. My friends would describe me as inquisitive

10. Select the option that best describes you:

A. When I'm reading, I like it when the author takes time to say something meaningful

B. I believe it is critical to be direct

C. Long-standing traditions must be respected and preserved

D. I have more energy than the majority of people

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