Why Don't Guys Like Me Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 865
 Why Don't Guys Like Me Quiz?

Are you tired of wondering why guys don't seem to be interested in you? Take the "Why Don't Guys Like Me Quiz?" and find out if your behavior and attitudes towards men could be the reason why you're not getting the attention you want. With 15 thought-provoking questions, this quiz will help you reflect on how you treat men, what you look for in a relationship, and how you handle conflicts and compromise.
Are you self-centered or needy? Do you have high standards or are you too casual? Find out now and take the first step towards improving your dating life. Don't wait any longer, take the quiz and discover what you can do to attract the right kind of attention from guys.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you usually treat men?

A. I consider men as assets

B. Decently

C. With utmost respect, as everyone else

2. How high do you think your standards are?

A. Very high

B. Normal

C. Not high

3. Are you too self-centered?

A. Not at all

B. I consider my needs

C. I focus on myself a lot, emotionally and physically

4. What do you want in a man?

A. Pure love and affection

B. Rich, tall, handsome, he must have a big house and plenty of cars

C. A relationship

5. How do you carry yourself?

A. Casually

B. Very docile, shy, but I feel I am a sweet-hearted person

C. Usually retracting from others

6. Does money and status matter in a man?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. Somewhat

C. Not at all

7. Are you a needy or clingy person?

A. A. Yes, absolutely

B. If I need to be

C. I keep a fair distance. Act independently

8. How important is physical appearance to you in a relationship?

A. Very important

B. Somewhat important

C. Not important

9. How do you handle conflicts in a relationship?

A. Communicate openly and try to find a solution

B. Avoid confrontation

C. Blame the other person and refuse to take responsibility

10. On the positive to negative spectrum, where does your personality sit?

A. Neutral or normal

B. Very positive

C. Pessimistic

11. How do you feel about compromise in a relationship?

A. It's necessary for a healthy relationship

B. It depends on the situation

C. I don't like to compromise

12. How do you express love and affection?

A. Through physical touch and words of affirmation

B. Through acts of service and gifts

C. I have trouble expressing love and affection

13. How important is communication in a relationship?

A. Extremely important

B. Somewhat important

C. Not important

14. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not emotional and 10 being very emotional, how emotional are you?

A. 8-10

B. 5-7

C. 4 or less

15. How do you treat others around you?

A. With respect and care

B. I deserve the most kindness and respect

C. A casual, neutral mood

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