Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 378 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me Quiz?
Relationships always start as a fairy tale, and it’s always butterflies in the tummy and incessant bliss. After some time, all these feelings dwindle, and as time passes by, further, what started as love becomes hate and disgust. You become weary, sad, and depressed, and you ask ‘Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me”? Is it something I have done? Do you want to know, take this quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. How often does your boyfriend complain about your attitude?

A. Sometimes

B. Very often

C. He doesn't

2. How do you talk to your boyfriend during an argument?

A. I’m mostly disrespectful

B. In the heat of the moment, I get angry but I apologize after

C. I’m calm most of the time especially when he starts the fight

3. How often does your partner start up a quarrel?

A. He doesn’t, if he has to it’s because he’s complaining about something I do

B. Never

C. Always, sometimes over trivial stuff

4. Do you feel your boyfriend is suffering personal battles?

A. Yes, but it’s mostly him complaining about me

B. Yes, he looks depressed always

C. No, he’s alright

5. How often does your boyfriend call you in a day?

A. 5-6 times

B. 1-2 Times, I do the calling most of the time

C. I can go weeks without hearing from him

6. Do you feel your boyfriend makes up a case out of nothing?

A. No, he has valid reasons for his complaints

B. He barely makes cases

C. Yes, exaggerates little things I do

7. Do you still feel your boyfriend loves you?

A. Yes he does

B. I feel so, but there’s something he’s not telling

C. No, we’re growing apart

8. How does your boyfriend relate with you in public?

A. Mostly loving and caring

B. He barely goes out with me

C. Shifts his attention to other people

9. Do you feel your boyfriend’s attitude is because he found another person

A. No, my boyfriend is faithful

B. No, ain’t got time for that

C. Well, I catch him making suspicious calls off late

10. Does your boyfriend complain to people about your behavior?

A. Yes, my friends especially

B. No, not one person, what have I even done?

C. I rather complain to people

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