Why Did He Ghost Me Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 193 | Updated: Jul 26, 2022
 Why Did He Ghost Me Quiz?

Are you getting anxious and a bit agitated that a guy you met recently is no longer responding to your text or picking your call? So you have a lot of thoughts about why he abruptly stopped communicating with you with no explanation whatsoever. 

You just wish he could say something, especially when you thought everything was going smoothly. Do not get all worked up; let's see how we can make sense of this situation by finding answers to your question, ‘Why did he ghost me?’ Come along, let's take his quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. How did you meet him?

A. Online

B. On campus

C. Through a mutual friend

2. What was your conversation with him like?

A. Open and futuristic

B. Personal and intimate

C. General and friendly

3. How long has it been since he ghosted you?

A. A month

B. A Week

C. A few days

4. How often did you two communicate in a day?

A. Almost the whole day

B. Just a few hours

C. Just an hour a day

5. Which of you called or texted the other the most?

A. Me

B. Him

C. Both of us

6. Did he really give you a listening ear?

A. Yes, always

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

7. What did you two talk about in your conversations?

A. Your future plans

B. Your daily experiences

C. Your work and family

8. How long did it take for him to respond to your text?

A. Almost immediately

B. After a few minutes

C. After a few hours

9. At what time of the day did you use to chat?

A. At all times

B. At night

C. In the morning

10. Did he show any interest in you?

A. Yes, he did

B. Just a little

C. Not really

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