Which Guy Should I Choose Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1171
Which Guy Should I Choose Quiz
Which guy should I choose? This is a tough question indeed!rnIt can be very confusing to figure out your tangled web of feelings and choose one guy to go ahead with. These decisions are not easy to make at all, and being overwhelmed is perfectly acceptable. Here's a quick quiz to help you start thinking about this and to figure out your type!

Questions Excerpt

1. What kind of body do you like on your partner?

A. Athletic build

B. Tall tall tall!!

C. I'm not picky!

2. What do you find most attractive?

A. A sense of humor

B. Maturity

C. Kindness

3. What kind of people have you been attracted to in the past?

A. People you have fun with

B. People who are perfect relationship material

C. People who are caring and empathetic

4. What kind of relationship are you looking for?

A. It should be fun!

B. A relationship with real potential

C. Caring and warm relationship

5. What's your ideal first date?

A. Road trip to somewhere new!

B. A coffee date maybe

C. Dinner at an idyllic restaurant

6. What do you like doing on weekends?

A. Party party party!

B. Relaxing and doing something intellectually stimulating

C. Cozy up at home with a movie or book

7. What's your favorite movie/book genre?

A. Adventure/ sci-fi

B. Intellectual/ Realistic

C. Romance/ comedy

8. What are your favorite colors?

A. Bright, spunky colors

B. Neutral colors

C. Warm colors

9. Choose your favorite franchise:

A. Star Wars/ Lord of the Rings

B. Game of Thrones/ The Big Bang Theory

C. Harry Potter/ Friends

10. What do you do when you feel down?

A. Go on adventure

B. Hike/ relax in nature

C. Stuff myself with chocolate

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