Which Dating App Should I Use Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1301 | Updated: Jun 29, 2023
 Which Dating App Should I Use Quiz?

Are you tired of swiping left and right on dating apps without any luck? Do you want to find the perfect dating app that suits your preferences? Look no further! Take our "Which Dating App Should I Use?" quiz and find out which dating app is the best fit for you. Answer questions about your dating profile, browsing preferences, and what you're looking for in a relationship. Discover which app has the features you need, the price point you're comfortable with, and the safety features you require. Don't waste any more time on the wrong app - take our quiz and find your perfect match!

Questions Excerpt

1. You are looking for:

A. A long-term love

B. Casual dating

C. Dating on modern rules

D. A relationship on meaningful terms

2. When it comes to your dating profile, you do not mind giving:

A. Less information about yourself

B. Detailed even quirky information about yourself

C. Fairly detailed information about yourself

D. Many photos

3. When browsing other people’s dating profiles, you:

A. Would not like to spend too much time searching for the right person

B. Like to know how they look and what they like

C. Like to have many potential matches to choose from

D. Decide mostly based on their looks

4. When choosing a partner, the most important thing for you is:

A. To efficiently decline those who you do not like

B. To have a better personality insight

C. To have similar interests 

D. How fast you can meet

5. You thrive in:

A. Usual set of circumstances

B. Calm surroundings

C. Intricate surroundings

D. Dynamic surroundings

6. When doing things, you are somewhat:

A. Quick and superficial

B. Obedient but efficient

C. Efficient but have to know a few details

D. Slow and thorough

7. When it comes to the price for dating services, you would pay:

A. Little, or no money – but with sufficient features to find a partner

B. A lot – for efficiency and less of your hard work

C. A small amount – for a larger dating pool

D. More – for gaining more control in choosing

8. You like to choose from:

A. A large pool of potential dates, limited by stricter rules

B. A narrowed number of potential dates

C. A mass pool of potential dates

D. A large pool of potential dates, where search easily modifies on your demand

9. Which data app feature is most important to you:

A. Having a virtual dating mentor

B. Inclusiveness

C. Integration with social networking platforms

D. Finding a partner based on your location

10. Which of the safety features you believe is a must:

A. Photo verification and panic button when going on dates

B. An in-app video and voice call that ensures your privacy

C. Strong survey filters and an incognito mode

D. An ability to block and report suspicious or abusive users

11. How important is physical attraction to you in a relationship?

A. Extremely important

B. Somewhat important

C. Not very important

D. Not important at all

12. How do you prefer to communicate with potential dates?

A. Through messaging on the dating app

B. Through phone calls or video chats

C. Through social media platforms

D. In person meetings

13. How important is having similar values and beliefs to you in a relationship?

A. Extremely important

B. Somewhat important

C. Not very important

D. Not important at all

14. How do you feel about dating someone with children?

A. It's a dealbreaker for me

B. It's not ideal, but I'm open to it

C. I don't mind dating someone with children

D. I prefer to date someone with children

15. How important is it for your potential partner to have a stable job and income?

A. Extremely important

B. Somewhat important

C. Not very important

D. Not important at all

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