Which Bible couple are you and your spouse?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 913
Which Bible couple are you and your spouse?
Have you ever thought that the Bible can teach you a lot about relationships and love? If you read the holy book you will discover many characters  who experience romance and learn a lot about love. Take this quiz to find out which Bible couple you are!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your couple’s personality?

A. Romantic and resilient

B. Impulsive and funny

C. Native and youthful

D. Wise and patient

2. What would a child be for your marriage?

A. A gift from God

B. Hard work, but a reason to be happy after all

C. Something natural

D. The purpose of our lives

3. How often do you get into arguments?

A. Almost never - we are a very calm and balanced couple

B. Often, but we forget quickly

C. Rarely, but when we fight, it's usually serious

D. Occasionally, over minor things

4. What do you do when you have the whole day just for the two of you?

A. We spend the day at home and feel cozy

B. We go hiking and have a picnic afterwards

C. We have a romantic dinner and even go dancing

D. We go out to a coffee and discuss important issues

5. How did you meet your spouse?

A. Our friends or families have introduced us

B. By chance - it was love at first sight

C. We can't remember- we've known each other for ages

D. We have met at church

6. How do you best serve your community?

A. We work behind the scenes, solving all kinds of stuff like doing repairs or cooking meals

B. We help other couples going through marriage challenges

C. We work together on an important project in the community

D. We do administrative work because we are good at managing details

7. What do you do as a couple when you are dealing with a difficult situation?

A. We pray together

B. We disagree first and even fight, but we eventually compromise

C. We ask other people

D. We face it together, no matter what it is

8. What is the most difficult thing to deal with in your couple?

A. Accepting that life is not what we had expected

B. Keeping our sense of adventure intact despite the routine

C. Going over one major mistake we did in the past

D. Having patience until all our plans become reality

9. What was your first impression of your partner?

A. I really liked him or her, but I was wondering what friends would think

B. That he or she will make me very happy

C. That we'll get into trouble at some point, but work it out eventually

D. That we are meant to be together, regardless of any difficulty

10. Are you influenced by others when it comes to your marriage?

A. Sometimes, but we get over it

B. Never - my spouse is the most important person in the world

C. Unfortunately, yes

D. Just slightly

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