What’s the Best Nickname for My Boyfriend Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1005
 What’s the Best Nickname for My Boyfriend Quiz?

Most people have pet names for their significant other, and it usually signifies a term of endearment, an inside joke from early in your relationship, or something you just came up with to describe who that person is for you.

Nicknames in a relationship are something given to a person that describes their personality and your feelings towards them. It’s something you share together that lets the other person know how you are feeling. Depending on the term you choose, the meaning behind them could be quite different.

So what is the best type of nickname that you can use for your partner? This 'What's the best nickname for my boyfriend' quiz will reveal the perfect choice for you!

Questions Excerpt

1. How old are you?

A. Over 40

B. 30-40

C. 20-30

D. Under 20

2. How old is your boyfriend?

A. Over 40

B. 30-40

C. 20-30

D. Under 20

3. How long have you been together?

A. Over 10 years

B. 5-10 years

C. 1-5 years

D. Less than 1 year

4. Which physical feature of your boyfriend do you like the best?

A. His eyes

B. His hair

C. His smile

D. His physique

5. How serious is your relationship?

A. Very serious, we are planning to get married

B. We have already started building a life together, marriage will be next

C. We are somewhat serious, but we haven't discussed marriage yet

D. We aren’t serious yet, but things are going well so far

6. Does he like to discuss emotionally vulnerable things with you?

A. Yes, he wants to know things about me

B. Yes, he wants me know him completely

C. Yes, at times

D. Not yet

7. What is your boyfriend’s favorite thing to do in his spare time?

A. Doing things around the house

B. Outdoor activities (i.e. fishing, hunting, etc.)

C. Enjoying his favorite hobby (i.e. sports, music, photography, etc.)

D. Finding the best party or bar to hang out at

8. Does he send you casual texts throughout the day?

A. Yes, all the times

B. Yes, most of the times

C. Yes, at times

D. On rare occasions

9. Does he miss you when you are not around him?

A. Yes, he tells me this often

B. Yes, he has told me that in the past

C. Yes, I think so

D. I hope us

10. Does he make an effort to cheer you up when you are down?

A. Yes, he does everything just to make me smile

B. Yes, he tries his best

C. Yes, at times

D. He can gauge these things at the moment

11. Which of these best describes your boyfriend?

A. Affectionate

B. Traditional

C. Committed

D. Charming

12. Have you met each other's friends and family?

A. Yes, I’m close with them

B. Yes, I’ve met most of them

C. I’ve met a few of them

D. Not yet

13. What would be your boyfriend’s ideal date night?

A. A night in together

B. Doing an activity together that both of us enjoy

C. Taking me out for a few drinks, dinner and dancing

D. A concert or event we both enjoy

14. Which of these characteristics best describes your boyfriend?

A. Secure

B. Wholesome

C. Charismatic

D. Supportive

15. What do you like most about your boyfriend?

A. His wisdom

B. His values

C. His personality

D. His physical features

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