What Will My Girlfriend Look Like Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 3265 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
What will my girlfriend look like quiz
We make images in our heads of the person that is right for us. Whether it is their looks, their behavior, or both, you should be aware of what you are looking for. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with a person who you find attractive. As long as both are at ease with each other, there is no wrong or right. Take this ‘What Will My Girlfriend Look Like’ quiz to get a clearer picture of how your future girlfriend may look like.

Questions Excerpt

1. Will you be bothered if she spends too much time with her friends?

A. I don’t think so

B. Maybe 

C. Sometimes

2. Is there anyone who has set a bar on attractiveness in your life?

A. Yes, there is

B.  No, I don’t think so

C. Yes, there are a couple

3. Where will you take her on your first date?

A. Pizza place

B. A nice restaurant 

C. Somewhere cozy

4. Which of the songs do you listen to when picturing her?

A. Can’t Get You out of My Head, Kylie Minogue

B. Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars

C. Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish

5. Do you have a tendency to cheat?

A. No, I don’t

B. Not sure 

C.  Only if it is mutual

6. Do you think you are ready for a relationship?

A. Yes, I am

B. Not sure

C. Only if it is mutual

7. What matters the most to you?

A. Good looks

B. Intellect

C. Spontainity

8. Which profession comes to mind when thinking of the woman of your dreams?

A. Actor/ Model

B. Nurse

C.  Entrepreneur

9. Which of the following TV series FRIENDS character best describes the kind of girl you would want to be with?

A. Monica 

B. Phoebe 

C. Rachel 

10. Are you willing to be suppotive of her choicers and decisions?

A. I guess so

B. Yes, absolutely 

C. Yes, I am

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