Quiz: Which Type of Engagement Ring Should You Get?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 56
Quiz: Which Type of Engagement Ring Should You Get?

You believe that you’ve found the partner of your dreams and are ready to take the relationship to the next level. You want to propose, but you’re not sure what type of engagement ring to get them without directly asking. Take this quiz to find out which type of engagement ring you should get.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is their ideal vacation spot?

A. Bahamas

B. Paris

C. Alaska

2. Describe their personality.

A. Feminine and reserved

B. Classic and polished

C. Unexpected and energetic

3. Your partner’s dream wedding is…..

A. Simple

B. A full-blown party

C. Vintage

4. Which celebrity couple does your partner like?

A. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

B. David and Victoria Beckham

C. Michelle and Barack Obama

5. Select a clothing brand of your partner’s choice…

A. Zara

B. Gucci

C. Adidas

6. Choose one of the following.

A. A night out

B. A nice dinner

C. A wacky party all night

7. Which kind of jewelry does your partner like?

A. Vintage

B. Chic

C. Elegant

8. What’s their favorite type of metal?

A. Yellow gold

B. White gold

C. Rose gold

9. What is her favorite hobby?

A. Saving pins on Pinterest

B. Shopping

C. Rock climbing

10. What’s their favorite cake?

A. White cake

B. Chocolate mousse cake

C. Rainbow cake

11. What is your partner’s go-to outfit?

A. A basic white tee with blue jeans and sneakers

B. A button-down shirt with slacks, stilettos, and a bunch of flashy accessories

C. A neon graphic tee with high-waisted shorts with platform boots

12. What is an ideal date for your partner?

A. A trip to the movie theater

B. Dinner at a luxurious restaurant

C. A day trip to an amusement park

13. What’s their favorite type of music?

A. Pop

B. R&B

C. Dubstep

14. What’s their go-to alcoholic beverage?

A. Mojito

B. Cosmopolitan

C. Long Island Iced Tea

15. On a rainy day, what does your partner like to do?

A. Binge-watch a Netflix series

B. Read a book

C. Play cards or board games with you

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