Engagement Ring Style Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 201 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Engagement Ring Style Quiz
You are about to be engaged, and you are probably thinking about each other's rings. If you are confused as to what style suits you best, then you can pick hints from the way your wedding would be planned or the interiors of your home. This piece of jewelry will stay on your finger for a long time, so it is wise to consider your likes and dislikes and maybe put on a ring to see how it looks on you. This quiz will help you narrow down the ring styles that will bring out joy to you on your engagement day.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the theme of your engagement party?

A. Floral

B. Classy and effortless

C. Nature

2. Which of the following eras would you like to visit with your partner?

A. Medieval

B. Victorian

C. Roman

3. What kind of wedding dress do you envision?

A. Something grand like princess Diana’s

B. Beautiful yet something that allows me to move

C. I want it an eye turner yet simple

4. Will the engagement be grand?

A. Yes, we are calling all our friends

B. No, it will be a discreet and a private event

C. Not grand, but it will be special

5. What will be the color of your engagement dress?

A. Shades of red

B. Shades of purple

C. Black or white

6. Is the design of your ring important to you?

A. Yes, it is really important

B. I want it to be plain

C. Yes, to some extent

7. What stones do you like?

A. I like diamonds, and sapphires

B. I am not a fan of stone jewelry

C. Other than diamonds, I also like jade, ruby, or anything that’s vibrant

8. Where do you plan to store the ring when you need to take it out?

A. In a sturdy and pretty box

B. In my drawer

C. In an airtight box

9. Would you be inheriting or buying the ring?

A. Inheriting

B. Buying

C. We chose to buy a new one

10. How expensive do you want your wedding ring to be?

A. Just enough for me to never lose it

B. Jewelry without stone has more value and is less expensive

C. I don’t want it to be exuberant

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