What Type of Partner Are You In A Relationship?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 16
What Type of Partner Are You In A Relationship?
Even though we all have an idea of the type of relationship we are in, we also like to hear what others feel about us or what they see when they watch you interact with your lover. People may have harsh comments or simply have a hard time comprehending it, one thing is certain, we are all responsible for forging our relationships.And it depends on several things, like our personalities and the image we give Read more to outsiders when those personalities come together. If you think that asking people directly about what they think about your couple is too much you can also complete our quiz.So, what is your type of relationship? Take our quiz now. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you find your partner funny?

A. Yes, all the times.

B. Sometimes.

C. Well, yes because they are clumsy.

D. No, not at all.

2. Do you find your partner attractive enough?

A. Of course that's why you picked them.

B. Yes, but they could lose more weight.

C. Yes.

D. No, but you are more attracted to their wealth anyway.

3. Do you think that you got together because of your intelligence?

A. No, they often calls you dumb.

B. No, because you know you are not that smart.

C. No, because they are more attracted to your looks.

D. No, because they are more attracted to your money.

4. Do you think you got together because of money?

A. Yes, who doesn't?

B. Yes, because you used to have no money.

C. No, because money can't buy your love.

D. No, because you already have lots of money.

5. What attracted you to your partner the first time you saw him/her?

A. Their physical appearance.

B. Their voice.

C. Their perfume.

D. Their smile.

6. What do you like doing together?

A. Hiking.

B. Traveling.

C. Playing video games.

D. Crafting

7. What exactly do you have in common with your partner?

A. Nothing.

B. The love of outdoors sports.

C. The love of children.

D. The love of luxury

8. Have you ever broken up with your lover?

A. Yes, but it was a long time ago.

B. Yes, but it only happened a few times.

C. Yes, it was a few months ago.

D. No, not yet.

9. Do you think your partner always tells the truth?

A. Yes.

B. Sometimes.

C. Most of the times.

D. Most of the times.

10. Would you survive an infidelity from your partner?

A. Yes, of course.

B. Yes, since it has happened before.

C. No.

D. No, because they are the love of your life.

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