What Stereotype Boy Would You Fall For Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 105
What Stereotype Boy Would You Fall For Quiz
Have you ever wondered which stereotype boy you would fall for most? We've seen stereotypes all over in life: on the T.V., in video games, and of course, in movies. The main feature presented in these stereotypes is the personality of the male lead. rnNot only do they have to be good looking, but they must be equally funny and charming. rnSo, if you could pick one, what kind of stereotype boy would you find yourself falling for? Take up this: what stereotype boy would you fall for quiz, now!

Questions Excerpt

1. What kinds of guys have you had relationships with?

A. Funny ones

B. Rebel and popular ones

C. The smooth ones

2. What qualities do you look for when dating a guy?

A. Humor

B. Popularity 

C. Sensitivity

3. Which of these outfits do you want your dates to wear?

A. Jeans, jeans, jeans

B. Polo shirts

C. The first thing he grabs off the floor in his closet

4. At a party, what do you usually drink?

A. A mojito

B. A beer

C. Wine

5. If you want to perk up a room, it would be…rn

A. Black or red

B. Green or blue

C. Soft colors

6. What's your favorite time of day?

A. Noon

B. Morning

C. Night

7. Which one is your favorite music genre?

A. Alternative

B. Rock

C. Hip hop

8. What do you think about tattoos?

A. Should be

B. No, definitely not

C. Maybe

9. Well, what do you think about piercings?

A. Depends on where

B. Definitely should be

C. Definitely not

10. What types of people annoy you?

A. Cocky attitudes

B. Not being able to take anything seriously

C. Not being loyal and cheating

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