What Kind of Stepmother Are You Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 130
 What Kind of Stepmother Are You Quiz?
Nobody wants to hear this, but marriages end, either through divorces or deaths, and new families are bound to be started. In the middle of this all are children left behind or adopted form new partnerships. Being a stepmom isn’t for the lighthearted and navigating around it could be a tad confusing. It’s important that you don’t come off as a unsympathetic stepmom, but how do you know you are headed in ther right direction? �What kind of stepmom are you� quiz is meant to address the worries you have as a stepmom. �What kind of stepmom are you� quiz is meant to address the worries you have as a stepmom.

Questions Excerpt

1. What’s your plan if the children are left with you and your husband?

A. We try to do what they want, they spend little time with us after all

B. We try and do something that’s to my liking and to theirs

C. We try and stick to the normal routine. We change nothing

2. Do you get along well with your husband’s ex-wife?

A. We are really good friends

B. Not really but I treat her with the respect she deserves

C. She dare not cross my boundary

3. Your husband wants to go on an exclusive trip with kids from his old marriage, what do you say?

A. That’s fine with me. Have fun

B. On one condition, that he goes on an exclusive trip my children/family too

C. I’m either part of the trip or it’s canceled

4. What traits best explains your stepmom personality?

A. Fair and sincere

B. Sensitive and adorable

C. Picky and determined

5. How will you describe your new marriage?

A. It has its challenges but I’m willing to make it better

B. I pray things get better for good


6. What will you do if your step daughter tells you something terrible her mum did?

A. Listen attentively and be discreet about it

B. Do nothing because you don’t want trouble

C. Tell it straight to your husband

7. How often do you help your step children with their homework?

A. Almost all the time

B. When I feel like it

C. School is not my thing

8. How often do you cook for the children if your husband is out of town?

A. I cook as I would if he was around

B. Not as often

C. I order food in if there is no other option

9. Do you resent your husband’s children?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. Life would’ve been easier if my husband had no kids

10. How often do you take your stepchildren to the park to play?

A. As many times as possible

B. Twice a month

C. Once a month

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