What Is Your Dating Preference Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 393 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 What Is Your Dating Preference Quiz?
Dating without a preference or framework can be easy, but you may find it unpleasant very quickly. You could run into someone who doesn't align with your energy or who you are. Everyone has a slight preference in some capacity, even if they deny it. Some may love tall girls, and others may enjoy handsome guys. Finding your preference can be a mixture of easy and difficult. "Do I love them older?", "Do they need to act a certain way?" This quiz will measure your preference based on three characteristics: looks, smarts, and money. Which one is the most valuable to you? Take this quiz to see!

Questions Excerpt

1. When meeting your partner, how do you want them to present themselves?

A. Nothing too outstanding, aside from them being extremely attractive

B. Showing their wit to you

C. Presenting their wealth

2. When your partner presents themselves to others, in what fashion would they do it?

A. Just being handsome

B. Showing their intelligence and wit

C. Having signs of wealth with a sophisticated attitude

3. Physically, what attribute does your partner have?

A. Attractiveness

B. Nothing prominent; just a smart mind

C. High-end clothing and signs of wealth

4. Is your partner having intelligence and wit a prominent preference of yours?

A. No

B. Absolutely

C. Only for a businessman

5. Is presentation, in terms of showing off wealth, necessary?

A. No

B. If it comes from a place of intelligence

C. Yes

6. Does your partner being physically attractive need to be a prominent feature?

A. Absolutely

B. No

C. Somewhat

7. Is extreme wealth in a relationship always necessary to you?

A. No

B. If it's used sparingly

C. Absolutely

8. What do you want to see in your partner?

A. Physical attractiveness

B. A high IQ and a sense of humor

C. Wealth and success

9. What personality should your partner have?

A. A normal, well adjusted personality

B. A complex, educated personality

C. Sophisticated, high-class personality

10. Is "being smart" truly attractive?

A. Not really

B. Absolutely

C. If it generates money

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