What Does Your Marriage Vision Board Look Like Quiz?

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10 Questions
 What Does Your Marriage Vision Board Look Like Quiz?

Having a vision board is an essential thing for the attainment of your goals. The guidance and direction vision boards offer, makes it a must thing to have in any marriage. A vision board navigates your steps and life as a couple. Creating one is a great way to have a visual reminder of the day plans, goals, and inspiration for the life you want as a couple. "What does your marriage vision board look like? What's your marriage vision? Take this quiz that is made to exactly offer a different outlook on marriage.

Questions Excerpt

1. What does an ideal marriage board look like to you?

A. It’s inspirational and fun

B. It’s fun

C. It’s full of gibberish

2. Did both couples have an input in putting up the marriage vision board?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes but it was mainly one

C. Just one of us

3. What kind of marriage do you have?

A. Close marriage

B. We have a semi close marriage

C. We have an open marriage

4. How often does your marriage vision board align with your purpose?

A. Very often

B. Sometimes it does

C. It’s never aligned

5. How will your marriage fare without a vision board?

A. It will fare very bad

B. It may not fare well

C. I don’t care

6. Does the idea of a marriage vision board excite you?

A. It more than excites me

B. It’s normal for me

C. I’m indifferent about it

7. How do your couple goals fit into your vision?

A. It fits perfectly

B. It fits somehow

C. It doesn’t fit

8. What’s the central theme in your vision board?

A. Purpose, growth and family

B. Propose only

C. Has no central theme

9. How often do you refer to your marriage vision board for inspiration?

A. Very often

B. Often

C. Not often

10. Do you truly believe a marriage vision board is essential for marriage?

A. Yes it’s

B. Somehow

C. No it is not

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