What Does My Crush Think Of Me Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 803 | Updated: Mar 30, 2022
What Does My Crush Think of Me Quiz
Here's the test: what does my crush think of me quiz, which serves as a guideline! Are you asking yourself this question? Are you unsure whether your crush likes you or not? Do you want to know right now? Yes, you can now easily discover what's on your crush's mind. Answer the exciting questions below to find out if you're your crush's crush! Are you ready to find out? Let's get this party started!

Questions Excerpt

1. How did they react when you said something stupid or lame in front of him/her?

A. Not sure

B. They’d mock me

C. Probably they would make fun of me and tease me about it

2. Do they ever assist you or ask if there is anything they can do for you?

A. They are always willing to assist me and frequently do things without asking

B. If I ask them several times, they may do something

C. They occasionally assist me and do me favors

3. Has one of their friends ever told you anything about themselves?

A. We have mutual friends, so of course

B. Yes, once, one of their friends casually mentioned something about them to me

C. Nope, they won't talk to me. I try to get them to, though

4. When you pass them in the hallway, they would…

A. Give you a huge smile and walk away

B. Say hello and offer to walk you to your class

C. Looks right through you to catch up with their friends

5. Who is the one who usually starts the conversation?

A. I suppose it's fairly balanced. Perhaps a little more like me, but not always

B. They usually do

C. I do, but they do not disregard me

6. How did they react when you were upset about something and told them about it?

A. They actually cheered me up and were very encouraging

B. They listened but did not provide much advice

C. They made me feel worse by laughing at me

7. What do you two discuss?

A. I'm not sure - none of the below.

B. They ask many personal questions and appear to be very interested in what I'm going through

C. We don't talk, and when I do, they ignore me

8. Which of the following statements best describes your current relationship with them?

A. Just friends

B. We're almost there

C. Not sure

9. Do they ever compliment you?

A. Every time! Everything else that comes out of their mouth is positive about me

B. They were very nice a few times

C. No

10. If you were lovers, what kind of relationship would you have?

A. Sometimes complicated, sometimes smooth!

B. Situationship!

C. A wonderful one

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