Quiz: What Are the Relationship Core Values?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1191
Quiz: What Are the Relationship Core Values?

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs that motivate us to act in all aspects of life. We have such things we deeply cherish in a partnership as well. You may now wonder, “What are my relationship core values?” Recognizing these beliefs will allow you to get more in touch with yourself. You can then find the right partner who respects your values as well. 

From then on, building a bright future together will feel right. Take this What Are the Relationship Core Values Quiz and find out what are your relationship core values.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you look for in a partner?

A. Adventurous spirit and desire to evolve as a person

B. Emotional vulnerability and honesty

C. Financial stability and maturity

2. How do you like to plan your travel?

A. With family

B. Sometimes together and other times, solo

C. Just us

3. In a perfect world, my relationship would:

A. Be healthy and blessed by everyone

B. Help us push towards our personal goals

C. Have good communication, trust, and understanding

4. I believe that partners should be teammates:

A. Yes

B. Somewhat yes

C. Absolutely

5. What would make you the happiest to hear from your partner?

A. “Let’s explore the world together.”

B. “I want to build a home with you.”

C. “You can trust me with your life.”

6. What gives you the most fulfillment?

A. Seeing and experiencing new things

B. Spending time with my family and loved ones

C. Acting with integrity and depth in life

7. If you could have any profession, you would choose…

A. A lawyer

B. A healer of any kind

C. An astronaut

8. You find it very important…

A. To be myself, follow my heart, and trust the ones dearest to me.

B. To have financial stability, a warm home, and the chance to see my family.

C. To learn new things, improve myself constantly, and know more about the world.

9. How do you imagine yourself in ten years?

A. Being able to speak my truth and defend the ones I love

B. Having learned many things about myself and the world

C. Creating a safe place I can call home

10. What makes you the most disappointed?

A. “I have no interest in growing with you.”

B. “I don’t want to settle down.”

C. “I lied to you.”

11. What animal do you feel the most drawn to?

A. Whale

B. Eagle

C. Bear

12. What is the thing you respect the most in people?

A. Being dedicated to their family

B. Being curious about the world

C. Being open about their feelings

13. The perfect first date would be?

A. Cozy: a homemade dinner and sweet talk beside the fireplace.

B. Enriching: going to an interesting event or trying something new.

C. Romantic: a walk in the night and sharing life stories.

14. A lack of what in the relationship is likely to make you crazy?

A. Stability

B. Ambition and personal drive

C. Understanding

15. What is one thing you would most likely complain about to your partner?

A. Not being connected to the family

B. When we are not moving ahead in life and smashing goals

C. Emotional connection

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