What Are My Boundaries in a Relationship Quiz?

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10 Questions
 What Are My Boundaries in a Relationship Quiz?

Boundaries in a relationship define what and how much are you willing to allow in that particular relationship. Setting limits or boundaries in any relationship is crucial for fostering a healthy connection and ensuring your overall well-being.

So, are you wondering, "What are my boundaries in a relationship?" If yes, take this simple What Are My Boundaries in a Relationship Quiz to understand if you are good at establishing healthy limits or do you go overboard, or if you let yourself be exploited in a relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel overburdened or intimidated in a relationship?

A. Most of the time/ Always

B. Rarely/ No

C. Never, I don’t give anybody the power to intimidate me

2. How often do you go against your own wish in a relationship?

A. I always do what I want

B. Not always, but I do consider others’ opinions and wishes

C. Mostly/ Always

3. You have planned for something in advance, but your partner wants you to cancel it, what would you do?

A. I will cancel my plans

B. Why should I cancel my plans

C. If there’s a genuine reason behind their demand, I’ll consider canceling my plans

4. Do you tend to say sorry to people even when you aren’t guilty?

A. Yes, I usually do this. Doing so avoids altercations

B. No, I don’t believe in saying sorry

C. I don’t mind saying sorry when I am wrong

5. Can you easily say ‘No’ to people?

A. Yes

B. I hardly say yes to people

C. I find it very tough to say no to people

6. How good are you at presenting your opinions?

A. I can present my opinions confidently

B. I am excellent at it! My opinions matter the most to me

C. I find it challenging to express my opinions

7. What describes you the best?

A. Opinionated

B. Confident

C. Hesitant

8. Which of the following workplace scenarios define you the best?

A. You can find me slogging even after office hours

B. I do my job honestly, but I can’t be exploited

C. I do things at my convenience. Nobody can force me to do anything

9. Can you be forced into doing something that you don’t like?

A. In your dreams

B. No, not usually

C. Easily

10. Do you believe in setting boundaries in a relationship?

A. Absolutely, nobody can mess with me

B. Yes, healthy boundaries are essential

C. I don’t know, how do you set them

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