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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 285 | Updated: Apr 12, 2024
Signs of Anger Issues in a Girl Quiz

Here is the 'Signs of anger issues in a girl' quiz! It is natural to become enraged at something beyond your control. Things can go wrong and leave you annoyed and frustrated. But when your anger becomes out of control, it can strain your relationships. 

Is your rage controlling you? Is it capable of destroying everything, including your relationships? Take this quiz to find out

Questions Excerpt

1. Is your anger interfering with your work and relationships?

A. Yes, it worsens the situation

B. Yes, it causes a few issues

C. No, not at all

2. Are you easily angered?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. No

3. Which option do you think defines you more?

A. Depressing and dark thoughts

B. Harming others verbally or physically

C. Being sarcastic

4. Do you sulk generally?

A. Just sometimes

B. All the time

C. No

5. Which of these behaviors do you experience more?

A. Not doing things that make you happy

B. Breaking things

C. Degrading others

6. What do you believe is the root cause of your rage?

A. Low self-esteem

B. Childhood emotional invalidation

C. Desire of control

7. Is it important to you to feel validated?

A. Depends on who validated

B. Genuinely no

C. I don't believe anyone would say no to this question. Everyone wants to be validated deep down

8. Which of these behaviors do you notice the most to yourself?

A. Sometimes not paying attention to basic needs, such as food and water

B. Shouting and cursing

C. Giving the silent treatment

9. Do you always feel angry, irritated, or impatient?

A. Yes, all the time

B. No

C. Sometimes

10. Do you get angry even over small and petty things?

A. Yes

B. Depends on my mood

C. No

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