Is My Girlfriend Mad at Me Quiz

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Is My Girlfriend Mad at Me Quiz
Is your girlfriend acting funny around you? Are you wondering, “Is my girlfriend mad at me?” Does she regularly avoid or ignore your calls, and are you getting negative signals that make you feel troubled? Most times, ladies are fond of acting up and not saying anything about it. They tend to show how they feel non-verbally and sometimes communicate vaguely instead of speaking plainly. Rather than pretend, you did not observe it. It’s appropriate that you try to find out if something is wrong or not. You can do this by observing her body language and communication.

Questions Excerpt

1. How is the tone of your girlfriend’s voice when she speaks to you?

A. She sounds like she’s very upset.

B. Sometimes harsh.

C. Her tone is still the same, calm as always.

2. Did you notice that she is mad at you through her body language?

A. Any time she’s upset, you can easily tell through her body language.

B. Not at all.

C. Sometimes.

3. Is she avoiding your calls?

A. Never.

B. She has been avoiding my calls for some days now.

C. She avoids my calls sometimes.

4. Does she respond to your text weirdly?

A. Yes, all the time.

B. On occasion.

C. Not at all.

5. Has she stopped being concerned about your well-being?

A. She acts like she’s not bothered when she’s mad at me.

B. Once in a while, not all the time.

C. Never.

6. Does she seem to start getting into arguments?

A. Yes, it shows in her responses to conversations.

B. Sometimes, but it gets me confused.

C. I’ve never observed that.

7. Is she avoiding coming to your place?

A. She gives funny excuses sometimes.

B. All the time she gets angry.

C. No, she doesn’t.

8. Does she say she’s fine even though you know something isn’t right?

A. She keeps insisting she’s fine when she’s upset.

B. On occasion.

C. Not at all.

9. Does she request that you don’t walk her home?

A. Rarely.

B. She has been doing that for quite some days now.

C. On occasion.

10. Is she beginning to make plans without you?

A. Sometimes.

B. Not at all.

C. Yes.

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