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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 498 | Updated: Sep 01, 2023
 Should We Get Married or Break Up Quiz?

As time passes in a relationship, it may become difficult to see where things are going and decide what to do next. You may be in a long-term relationship and ask yourself the question, “Should we get married or break up?”

While you should not feel obligated to do any of these things, there are sure signs that can guide you toward the possible future of your relationship. You could be in denial about the problems in your relationship. Or you might have let doubts seep in because of insecure thoughts.

Take a look at the short quiz below to find out which action may be more appropriate to take.

Questions Excerpt

1. When thinking about your future, which factor is more important to you?

A. Finding a life partner to share goals and dreams with

B. Maintaining personal freedom and independence

C. Enjoying the present without worrying about the future

2. How do you feel about discussing your concerns and fears with your partner?

A. I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and emotions with them

B. I find it difficult to open up and discuss my feelings

C. I prefer keeping my worries to myself to avoid conflicts

3. When envisioning a life together, which scenario resonates with you more?

A. Overcoming challenges together, even if it requires adjustments

B. Pursuing individual paths without being tied down by a commitment

C. Having a carefree and spontaneous life without long-term plans

4. How do you and your partner typically handle disagreements?

A. We actively listen to each other and work towards a compromise

B. We often argue without finding common ground

C. We avoid confrontation and rarely discuss our disagreements

5. What role do your friends and family play in your decision-making process?

A. Their opinions matter and I value their input

B. I tend to keep my relationship private from them

C. I rarely consider their advice in personal matters

6. Why would you get married to your partner?

A. We both want to do it because we love and support each other, and want that to last

B. I like the idea of us spending our lives together, I just do not feel like we are ready to do it just yet

C. I am used to being with them, I enjoy the way we look together, and our families would finally be happy

7. Do you stay together and connected even when times get rough?

A. Not really, stress only makes us fight more and become distant

B. We have had our moments, yet I feel that our connection is growing stronger

C. Yes, we seem to handle problems quite well and are always there for each other

8. Do you feel like you have lost the passion and excitement about your future together?

A. Yes, I feel like we are stuck

B. I feel a bit calmer, yet I still imagine our future vividly

C. No, I still feel the warmth and sparks even after all this time

9. Do you feel like your partner pushes you to grow?

A. Yes, we help ourselves evolve and become the better versions of ourselves.

B. No, I feel that they may hinder my growth as a person

C. Yes, and yet I think that we have a long way to go together

10. Do you share the same goals about the future (marriage included)?

A. We agree on the main things and differ in some details, yet we are ready to compromise

B. Yes, we are on the same page about pretty much everything that matters

C. No, we have completely different priorities in major areas of life

11. Does your partner hold back when the subject of marriage comes on?

A. Yes

B. No, they often mention it on their own

C. No, but they discuss it calmly

12. So, do you talk about the future often?

A. No, they refuse to do so, or say that all has been spoken

B. We talk about it a lot, but there are many things yet to become certain

C. That’s pretty much all that we’ve been talking about recently

13. Are you and your partner on the same timeline?

A. Yes, and we both want to get married

B. Yes, and yet marriage seems a bit far away for now

C. No, they seem to completely ignore the possibility of getting more serious

14. Have you been together for a long time?

A. Maybe, and yet I do not feel like our relationship has grown that much.

B. Kind of, but we are still adjusting to one another

C. Yes, and our partnership is constantly evolving

15. Does getting married feel like the natural next step for you?

A. Yes, but after a while

B. Yes, absolutely

C. Maybe but not with this person

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