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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 64 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Should I Propose or Is It Too Soon
When it comes to picking a partner, timing is everything. Are you hoping to know whether the person you're dating is your soulmate, when should you look for signs that they are "the one"? If you want to feel secure that the person you're with is The One, how long should you wait before you start thinking about marriage? Take this ‘’Should I Propose or Is It Too Soon'’ quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How long have you been together?

A. A year or so

B. Less than two years

C. A couple of years

2. Do you have a strong bond with each other's families?

A. No

B. Yes. Having a strong bond is a necessity?

C. My partner has not even mentioned meeting the parents

3. Are you and your partner living together?

A. No, we've just had a few sleepovers.

B. Yes

C. I prefer to be in separate places

4. Can you afford to handle the additional expenses that come with marriage?

A. I guess so

B. I’ve done some planning

C. I am not sure

5. If you had a problem with your partner's family, what would your partner's attitude be like?

A. Definitely not by my side

B. Would try to calm both sides

C. Not sure

6. Are you sure that the love of your life is actually the right person for you?

A. Yes, definitely

B. Not sure

C. I can just feel it

7. What are your thoughts on marriage?

A. Necessary for having a child

B. When a man and woman get married, the “two become one”

C. Next step of the relationship, that's all

8. How confident are you that your proposal will be received favorably?

A. I’m pretty sure

B. The thought makes me nervous

C. I never thought about it

9. How do you and your partner resolve conflicts?

A. We've never had any fights

B. We sweep things under the rug

C. With a calm mind, we come up with a solution and implement it

10. What is your partner's best feature?

A. Their career

B. Their looks

C. Their wisdom

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