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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 579 | Updated: Feb 19, 2024
Should I Give Her a Second Chance Quiz

Deciding whether to give someone a second chance in a relationship is a profound and often complex decision. It involves weighing past mistakes against the potential for future growth and happiness. This introspective journey requires you to examine the depth of your feelings, the reasons behind the transgression, and the likelihood of change. The process is about more than just forgiveness; it's about making a thoughtful decision that will impact both your emotional well-being and the future of your relationship.

To find out whether you should give her a second chance, answer the questions in this 'Should I Give Her a Second Chance' quiz. 

Questions Excerpt

1. First of all, would this really be only a second chance?

A. Yeah, we’ve basically been pretty good, I was very surprised when this happened

B. More like 15th

C. Sorta, we’ve had some close calls, but this was definitely the worst

2. Did she apologize?

A. Not really, she kinda skipped the whole, “I’m sorry” part

B. She said I’m sorry, but I’m not sure how much she meant it

C. Yes, she did, and she really seemed to mean it

3. Does she understand why what she did was wrong and how it hurt you?

A. She doesn’t seem to care

B. She really does, she took her time to think about it and is very apologetic

C. She kinda gets it, I guess it seems a bit quick to really get it

4. Does she seem committed to making it work?

A. Yes, she does. She seems excited but understands how hard it will be

B. She says she wants to make it work. I don’t know whether or not she gets what that means

C. I mean she definitely wants to keep going but I don’t know that she understands the work that it requires

5. Has she actually done something that makes you think she has changed?

A. She’s said it, and some of her actions suggest it

B. She’s said she has, but her actions might say otherwise

C. She has actually, I feel like I can really see her change in how she acts

6. Was what she did really bad?

A. Yes, it really hurt me, it shook our relationship to the core

B. It was pretty bad and hurtful

C. It actually wasn’t I guess

7. Do you think you can trust her?

A. She’s very trustworthy

B. Trust has never really been a big part of our relationship

C. I think I can

8. Does she respect you?

A. She hasn’t said anything, and her actions give mixed signals

B. My friends say she has no respect for me

C. Yes, she is actually really thoughtful in terms of my feelings and goals

9. Would you give her a second chance just because you miss her?

A. I do miss her, but that’s not what’s driving me

B. I miss her so much

C. I definitely miss her, but I don’t think it’s the primary motivation

10. Would you  give her a second chance out of fear?

A. No, what do I have to be afraid of

B. I’m a bit nervous about life without her, but I think it would be fine

C. I don’t think I will ever meet anyone ever again if I don’t get back together with her

11. How does the thought of not being with her make you feel?

A. I feel deeply concerned and offer support

B. Relieved or indifferent

C. Confused and uncertain

D. Deeply saddened and missing her

12. Have you both grown individually since the issue occurred?

A. Yes, we’ve both made significant personal improvements

B. A little, but it’s hard to say if it’s enough

C. No, we’re pretty much the same as before

13. Is there mutual willingness to seek professional help if needed?

A. Yes, we’re both open to counseling

B. Maybe, but we haven’t seriously discussed it

C. No, one or both of us are not open to that idea

14. How have your friends and family reacted to the idea of you giving her a second chance?

A. They are supportive and believe it’s a good idea

B. They have mixed feelings and some concerns

C. They are mostly against it and have expressed their worries

15. Looking forward, what are your expectations for the relationship if you give it another chance?

A. I have clear, positive expectations and goals

B. I’m unsure and have not set specific expectations

C. I don’t expect much to change but hope for the best

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