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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1010 | Updated: Mar 21, 2022
Do I Have a Chance With My Crush Quiz
Here is the "Do i have a chance with my crush" quiz! If there's one thing all of us poor, lonely, unattached people wonder about in this world, it's whether the person we like likes us back. Do you ever wonder if you have a chance with the lucky person you've chosen as your crush? Take this quiz to find out right now! Best wishes! We hope you get the response you're hoping for!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have the phone number of your crush?

A. Yes

B. No, but I will find it

C. Not yet

2. How long have you had feelings for this person?

A. Over 1 year

B. A couple of weeks

C. A couple of months

3. Is they single or taken?

A. They’re single and ready to mingle!

B. As far as I know, he/she's taken

C. Not sure

4. Have you ever invited your crush to date?

A. Yes

B. Nope, never

C. No, they do not know who I am

5. Would they come to you if they had a problem?

A. Probably not, because they don’t know who I am

B. Probably, yes

C. I'm not sure; he can be like a brick wall at times

6. How would they react if you flirted with other people?

A. I don't think they'll even notice

B. They pretend not to be interested, but they care quite a lot

C. Depends on how they realized it

7. What would it be best if you were in a relationship with your crush?

A. Sex of course

B. I don’t know them well, so I have no clu

C. We'd be good friends and partners at the same time

8. Does your crush talk to you about their dating life?

A. They never date anyone

B. Yes, all the time. It’s so frustrating

C. Actually, we don’t talk so

9. Is your crush pleased to see you whenever you cross paths?


B. They pretend like I’m not there

C. They greet me with a friendly smile

10. Lastly, have any of your friends dating your crush before?

A. Yes but it’s not a big deal

B. Nope

C. They appear to have nothing to do with anyone who is connected to me.

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